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Our Leathers

Our Leathers

At TORRO we use only aniline leathers sourced directly from the finest tanneries in the USA which are independently certified by Eurofins | BLC Leather Technology Centre to ensure only the highest quality materials are used to produce each and every TORRO premium leather accessory.

Why do we use aniline leathers?

Aniline leathers are widely regarded within the leather industry as one of the highest quality leathers, due to the fact only the best condition rawhides are graded suitable to produce TORRO premium leather accessories.

Our patent red leathers are produced using semi aniline leather allowing for a high gloss finish. 

How is the colour added to our TORRO leathers?

TORRO aniline leathers are produced using a water-based dye to allow the natural appearance of the leather to be maintained allowing a beautiful patina to develop over time.

TORRO leathers are produced using a process known as vegetable tanning. This involves the raw hide being placed in tanning agents and left for a prolonged period based on the desired strength and feel of the finished leather. This method of tanning is the most popular choice for creating long-lasting, high-quality leathers.

Design and Development

Each TORRO premium leather accessory is expertly designed by our in-house product development team based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Every new TORRO product must adhere to our core values of only using the finest materials to create timeless, stylish classic products with innovative and functional design.

We then begin to work with our manufacturing partners to bring the product to life through various stages of prototyping to ensure our products meet our and your expectations.

Manufacturing process

Every TORRO product is handcrafted using the finest materials by our global manufacturing partners. Our partners range from specially selected tanneries in the USA to injection moulding specialists in the Far East who help us create luxurious products with exceptional protective qualities. Each TORRO manufacturing partner is regularly trained and vetted to meet our stringent, high-quality standards.

Each TORRO premium leather accessory is then shipped to our head office in Newcastle Upon Tyne for rigorous quality control inspections and hand finishing. Every TORRO product is inspected to ensure it meets our highest quality standards. Any product that does not meet these standards is rejected.

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