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What is Club TORRO and how much does it cost?

Club TORRO is an exclusive members only loyalty programme giving multiple benefits for a fixed 12 month period. The cost of all benefits is paid annually.

Is Club TORRO available outside of the UK?

International customers (outside of UK Mainland) can still benefit from all perks - excluding Free Express Shipping and will be subject to additional shipping charges (per order) - calculated at checkout, based on final destination country.

When will I get my free phone cases?

The first free phone case discount code will be provided immediately after the subscription to Club TORRO is completed, the 2nd and 3rd free phone case codes will be provided after 4 calendar months and 8 calendar months respectively from the date of subscription.

Can my free phone cases be for a different phone and/or different style and colour?

Yes, the free phone cases can be for different models of phone. They can be completely different styles and colours. At TORRO we understand that many of our customers enjoy multiple colours and styles of phone cases for their devices.

What items do I get 15% off and how long is this available?

The 15% discount is available to all customers who are members of Club TORRO for 12 months after the initial subscription date. The 15% discount is available on all full price items on , items that are already discounted/on offer will be excluded from the discount as per the T&C’s.

How are my discounts applied?

The 3 free phone case discounts are applied via discount code entered manually at checkout, these codes are provided via email to the email address used at the point of the subscription purchase. These codes are for one-time use.

The 15% off and free personalisation discounts are automatically applied at checkout and are restricted to the email address provided at the time of the subscription purchase (using an alternate email address will result in no discount being applied).

Free express shipping will be available to choose from at checkout at zero cost to UK mainland customers only, the email address used at checkout must match the email used at the time of purchase of the subscription.

Can I cancel?

Yes, based on the following:

  • Cancellation before any free phone case order will result in a full refund.
  • Cancellations after receiving one or more free phone cases will result in a refund minus the full retail value of the goods received.

Note: Upon cancellation, all additional benefits outside of the free phone cases will also immediately cease.

Does my subscription auto renew?

No, after the 12-month subscription has expired there is a requirement to purchase the membership to continue receiving all benefits associated with Club TORRO.

I have a question that is not listed above, can this be answered before I commit?

Yes, please contact us via and we will respond within 48 hours.

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