Are you an Apple enthusiast eagerly awaiting the latest innovation in the iPad line-up? With each new iPad iteration, Apple raises the bar, pushing boundaries to provide users with cutting-edge technology and enhanced capabilities. In this blog, we will explore leaks and rumours to discover what we can expect from the upcoming 2024 iPad releases.

2023 was the first year without a new iPad release since 2010. As a result, rumours have been continuously circulating since the release of the iPad Pro and 10th Gen iPad back in October 2022. After a year of iPad inactivity, it seems that Apple are planning to take 2024 by storm with 4 new models – two new versions of the iPad Pro and two new versions of the iPad Air; all of which are expected to release in March.

iPad Pro Rumours

iPad Pro 11"

Screen Size

For the iPad Pro range, we’re once again expecting the release of two versions – a new iPad Pro 11” and a new iPad Pro 12.9”. Interestingly, there have been some suggestions that the larger version may even go slightly larger this year with a 13” screen, although that is yet to be confirmed.


The new versions of the iPad Pro are expected to feature OLED displays. This seems to have been rumoured for the last couple of iPad generations although we’re confident at this stage we’ll see these in 2024.

With OLED displays being present in the Galaxy Tab S9 range, it’s reasonable to think that Apple won’t want to fall behind in this area and will now look to implement this on the Pro series of iPads as soon as they possibly can.


There has also been some suggestions that the new iPad Pros may feature a glass back, which could, in theory, enable wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. Although this is another rumour which seems to resurface with every upcoming iPad release, so the jury is still out on this one – it certainly seems less likely to occur than the OLED displays.


The 2024 iPad Pro is all but guaranteed to incorporate the M3 chip, which is already used in the latest MacBook Pro and iMac models. This will give the new pro models unparalleled and unrivalled performance and efficiency compared to any existing iPad model - even the existing iPad Pro series.

iPad Air Rumours

iPad Ait 6th Gen 10.9"

Screen Size

We are led to believe that 2024 will see the introduction of two different screen sizes for the iPad Air – 10.9” and a larger 12.9” version. The introduction of an iPad Air with a 12.9” screen size is perhaps the most interesting change in a few generations.

When we initially heard that this would be a possibility, we thought that the larger Air would use the same base shell as the iPad Pro 12.9”. However, as you can see on the image below, the 12.9” Air will still maintain the Touch ID feature from the smaller iPad Air, while this is still the regular power button on the new iPad Pro 12.9”.

iPad Air 12.9" Touch ID


There have been mixed reports as to whether we can expect an upgrade to an OLED screen on the new Airs, so we remain hopeful on that. Although, we would not be surprised if the new iPad Air models end up maintaining the current LED based liquid retina display to help keep costs down, rather than switching to other screen-types like OLED or mini-LED.


The current iPad Air comes equipped with an M1 Chip; however, it has been rumoured in some quarters that the new iPad Airs (both 10.9” and 12.9”) will skip a generation and go straight to an M3 chip.

With that said, it is much more likely that only the Pros will receive an M3 chip, with the Airs instead being upgraded to an M2 chip, which will still ensure that they offer quicker and more efficient processing than previous generation iPad Airs, put not quite matching the performance level of the new iPad Pro.

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