With the new year comes new goals and new challenges. For many, after overindulging over the holidays, the new year presents a time to shift mindset and mentality and work on getting, or staying, fit.

With an endless number of fitness apps available to download, at TORRO we’ve decided to narrow it down and help you achieve your fitness goals for the year.

Nike Training Club Logo

Nike Training Club - Best Free Workout App

By virtue of no longer having a paid option, Nike Training Club gets our pick for one of the best fitness apps for 2024. Having previously charged a monthly premium, Nike made the decision to make the Training Club app free for 90 day window back in 2020, but the change has remained permanent ever since.

Nike Training Club offers a variety of a variety of multi week programmes for different ability levels – meaning there is something for you whether it is your first workout or if you’re a seasoned pro.

There is also the ability to filter workouts by muscle group and workout focus so that you can get virtual guidance from Nike’s expert trainers, whichever area you’re looking to target. Top this off with useful wellness and nutrition tips and the ability to schedule your workouts (and set reminders) and Nike Training Club is an excellent choice for at home workouts.

Cost: Free
Pro: Caters to all fitness levels.
Cons: Only able to access one structured programme at a time.

Apple Fitness+ LogoApple Fitness+ - The Best Workout App for iOS

After previously requiring an Apple Watch to access, Apple Fitness+ is now available to those with an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Anyone who has purchased or received a new Apple Watch recently will likely be able to sign up a 3-month free trial of Fitness+, otherwise you’ll be restricted a 1-month trial followed by a subscription of £9.99 a month or £79.99 annually.

Apple Fitness+ is updated regularly with new classes/workouts to keep things fresh. It gives the ability to filter classes by trainer, time and the music you’d prefer to listen to while working out. While most training videos feature multiple trainers showing how to move with different levels of intensity based on your fitness level, it’s unfortunate that your unable to sort classes by difficulty level to find something suited your needs easier.

During a workout, if you’re wearing an Apple Watch you’ll see all the metrics you’ll need on your watch face and receive feedback on your activity. Given the Fitness+ integration with the Apple Watch, it makes it the most obvious fitness app to use for any Apple Watch user.

Cost: 1-month free trial, £9.99 a month or £79.99 annually.
Pros: Pairs seamlessly with the Apple Watch.
Cons: Can’t sort classes by difficulty level

FitOn Logo

FitOn - Best Workout App for Android

FitOn is one of the most popular workout apps for Android and for good reason. FitOn offers a wide range of workouts and allows you to find these based on the type of workout you’re looking for, the level of intensity that you want and the amount of time you have. Even offering short 10-minute workouts for when you don’t have a great deal of time free.

When signing up, you fill out a brief quiz related to you and your goals so that the app can select the most appropriate plans and workouts for you. Not only that, but FitOn allows you to create a customisable workout plan / regime so that you can target the areas you like at the level of intensity that you’re comfortable with. You would need FitOn Pro subscription to gain full access to the app and all its features such as meal plans and offline workouts, but the free version itself is still better than most other workout apps.

For those invested in the Android system and with smart watches using Wear OS (Galaxy Watch, Pixel Watch & more) then FitOn also plugs directly into Google Fit so you can keep track of your data and heart points.

Cost: Free to access, Pro subscription £38.99 annually
Pros: Plugs directly into Google fit and offers a good range of workouts for free.
Cons: Pro account needed to access meal plans, recipes and to use workouts offline.

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