Author: Daniel Cooper, Customer Service and Catalogue Administrator at TORRO

This week, Apple unveiled a new addition to the Apple Fitness+ service for all subscribers. "Time to Walk" is a new audio walking experience aimed at encouraging Fitness+ subscribers to get out and walk more. Time to Walk was, as Apple put it, “created to encourage users to walk more often and reap the benefits of one of the healthiest activities” – arguably a smart move at the moment with gyms closed and more people looking to walking as a regular activity.

Launching with 4 episodes, Apple will release a new episode with a different guest each Monday through the end of April. With original episodes currently starring Dolly Parton, Draymond Green, Shawn Mendes and Uzo Aduba, there are already a number of bases that will appeal to a wide variety of individuals. Each episode features the celebrity discussing aspects of their personal life, all recorded outside while walking and integrates with your Apple Watch to display images which are timed to amplify and emphasise the stories being told.

Following each talk, the guest/celebrity introduces a short playlist so that users can extend their walks while also remaining connected to the stories told, although an Apple Music subscription is required for this so, sorry, Spotify users.

What does this mean for Apple Fitness+?

Apple Time to Walk on Apple WatchImage Source: Apple

Having followed the concept of Apple Fitness+ for a while at TORRO, our initial thoughts were that were some promising signs but that it may not have been for everyone. Apple broadening the catalogue of the service with Time to Walk may make the service appeal to a larger number of users. With, at present, only 18 episodes planned, Time to Walk may not make Fitness+ the most must-have subscription service but it is a great step in the right direction.

With people likely now assessing whether they stick with Fitness+ after a month or two of use, expanding the service will undoubtedly keep those considering their subscription around for longer. Continually looking to expand Fitness+ beyond the original workout videos will add longevity and interest to the service which can only serve to benefit both Apple and Fitness+ users alike. Apple have shown that they do not only view Fitness+ as purely a video workout service and that moving forward, but that it should also become a one stop shop fitness service that takes advantage of the whole Apple eco-system. The TORRO team are excited to see how Apple Fitness+ evolves over time and what new features and innovations Apple can bring to expand the service.

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