In 2023, we’re celebrating 10 years of TORRO. TORRO started 10 years ago when we couldn’t find the phone cases that we wanted, so we decided to make them ourselves. Starting with just one style of leather case for the iPhone 5, we later expanded our range to further iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel devices. Over time, we’ve made gradual changes to the frame used on our cases to continually provide the most robust way possible to add style and function to various handsets.


TORRO Custom Frame from 2013

The first TORRO cases were made for the iPhone 5 with a simple polycarbonate internal frame. The frame was rubber oil coated to have a soft touch matte finish. This frame was slimline, sleek, and benefited from the additional cushioning protection of the luxury leather outer case. This design quickly established TORRO as the luxury option for mobile device cases and covers.


TORRO Custom Frame from 2016

Due to the aesthetic changes of most smartphones to a curved design, TORRO began experimenting with thermoplastic polyurethane frame as the internal cradle. This allowed the frame to align with the device’s curves and remain easy to insert and remove. The material also provided additional shock absorbency. This, coupled with the luxury leather outer layer provided market leading protection.


TORRO Custom Frame from 2020

Smartphones were now commonly constructed using glass for Qi charging. An emerging, premium feature of the devices was, and remains, a professional camera block with high quality glass in the lens.

The 2019 TORRO frame utilised a polycarbonate back plate with thermoplastic polyurethane sides and additional cushioning around the camera. This frame was lined with microfibre to provide complete protection. The outer leather ensured 360-degree protection and made the TORRO folio ahead of its time. The ultimate phone case, balancing style with protection and without compromising on functionality.


TORRO Custom Frame from 2023

The TORRO series of luxury leather cases remain market leading when it comes to style, functionality, and protection. For 2023, TORRO have re-engineered the frame without adding additional weight or bulk.

New for 2023 and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, TORRO introduce GEO-AS-3™. The GEO-AS-3™ frame includes specially designed thermoplastic elastomer into the internal structure of the frame. All impact points have been further reinforced with geometric air pockets and ultra-shock absorbing elastomer to extend the lifespan of your device and allow you to enjoy your luxury TORRO leather case even longer.

With the introduction of our GEO-AS-3™ frame for our Galaxy S23 Ultra cases, we have developed our most protective and shock-absorbent frame yet. Our team are continuously looking to the future and working on new designs that improve the functionality of our cases, without compromising on style.

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