As ever at TORRO HQ, we are continually working throughout the year to bring you premium leather cases for the latest handsets and, of course, it doesn’t get much more exciting than the launch of a new range of iPhones.

Over the last few months, we have been working away to design and produce cases for the iPhone 13 range that offer a stylish and functional solution to complement your new handset with the high-quality that you have come to expect from TORRO accessories.

All TORRO cases for the iPhone 13 range are handcrafted using top-grain leather sourced from the finest tanneries in the US – the leathers undergo minimal treatment in order to preserve their natural properties, allowing a beautiful and finely aged patina to develop over time. This means that every TORRO case is unique so your case will always truly be one of a kind.

For the iPhone 13 range we have produced a range of Folio, Wallet, Flip, Bumper and Pouch style cases - all of which provide a sophisticated look while also adding functionality to your new iPhone.

TORRO Folio Case for iPhone 13 Series

TORRO Leather Case for iPhone 13

The TORRO Folio case is undoubtedly our most popular style across all models of handset. For iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max & 13 Mini it has been meticulously designed to provide the maximum amount of protection possible with multiple features throughout the case to help support your handset. The TPU frame is an exclusive and bespoke TORRO design specific to each model of iPhone 13. The durable frame aids significantly with shock absorption while also providing a level of flexibility that makes inserting and removing the device as easy as possible.

This case also features a unique raised edge around the perimeter of the device’s camera, this allows for an increased level of protection against damage to the camera lens by eliminating direct contact with a surface when placed down. The inner frame benefits from a microfibre lining to add extra protection for the glass back of your handset which minimises the risk of your handset picking up marks or scratches while stored in your case.

The true elegance in a TORRO Folio case lies in the added functionality that the stand feature provides. The vertical crease in the back of the case allows you to effortlessly position the case for a seamless viewing experience.

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TORRO Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Series

TORRO Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13

Featuring a leather strap with stud mechanism, the TORRO Wallet Style case provides a dependable closure allowing you to securely store your cash and cards in the vertical slots. The card storage slot is designed and stitched to hold your cards in place so that you have no worries about them easily slipping out while you’re on the move. It also comes equipped with same durable TPU frame for maximum protection of your handset and makes a handy alternative to your traditional wallet. 

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TORRO Flip Case for iPhone 13 Series

TORRO Leather Flip Case for iPhone 13

The TORRO Leather Flip Case for iPhone 13 (MagSafe Compatible) features a front cover that flips down vertically in order to allow full, unobscured access and use of your handset’s camera. It also comes equipped with a durable TPU frame and two handy card slots on the inside cover for the casual storage of cards. The flip case features magnetic closure tabs at the top of the case which allows for a secure closure while also minimising contact of the handsets screen with the cards stored in the slots.

Along with being MagSafe and wireless charging compatible, our flip case also features a handy cut-out for the charging port, so whatever your preferred method of charging, you can do so while the case is closed.

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TORRO Bumper Case for iPhone 13 Series

TORRO Leather Bumper Case for iPhone 13

The TORRO Leather Bumper Case for iPhone 13 is designed for those looking for a slimline solution that also shields and safeguards their device. The frame of our Leather Bumper Case has been engineered to include a slightly raised lip above the front screen of the handset. This means that should you place your iPhone face down; no contact would be made between the screen of your iPhone and the surface it was placed on. The perimeter of the camera aperture has been raised higher to provide additional protection for the camera from scratches and minimise the chance of the any of the camera lenses impacting the ground during a drop.

With the back of the case featuring the TORRO premium leather that you know and love, it really stands out from the crowd of standard bumper cases. The leather back provides a luxurious look and feel, accompanied with exceptional levels of protection it leads to an ultra-sleek, lightweight and stylish case for your iPhone 13 that will easily slide into your pocket or bag.

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TORRO Pouch Case for iPhone 13 Series

TORRO Leather Pouch Case for iPhone 13

The beauty of the TORRO Pouch Case for iPhone 13 not only lies in the premium cowhide leather, but also in the fact it provides a simple, light and minimalistic solution to protect your iPhone. It is an exclusive design for those who want to protect their handset while in a bag or pocket, but when in use want to appreciate the design and aesthetic of the handset itself.

As tech fans at TORRO, we certainly appreciate that perspective, but also understand the risks that are attached to using a bare iPhone. That is why we designed our pouch case to feature an opening to allow for a quick push release which enables you to easily and quickly remove your iPhone. This opening also allows for easy access to the charging port, so you can protect your handset from accidental knocks or bumps while charging on your desk or nightstand.

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Your #TORROstory

All in all, at TORRO HQ we have worked hard to ensure our range of iPhone 13 cases cater to a wide variety of style preferences, all while maintaining premium quality and accessible pricing. Making now the perfect time to start or continue your #TORROstory when upgrading your handset.

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