Over the past 18 months the number of people working from home has been on a meteoric rise (for obvious reasons). With home working and the added flexibility it provides being preferred by many employees across the globe, including some of us at TORRO, it certainly looks like it will be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The problem with working at home

One of the largest problems we encountered ourselves when working from home was a lack of comfort and organisation. With technology, stationery and random notes scattered across many of dining room tables around the world, at TORRO we asked ourselves how we would like to stylise our desks when working from home. With some of us home working for a few days a week, the idea of making our setups more comfortable was received extremely positive across the team. Having that additional air of professionalism to your setup can prove effective in differentiating the environment when moving from your living room to work setup with just a few steps.

Early suggestions brought up ideas of large desk mats, but some of the staff here at TORRO preferred the idea of a slightly smaller/regular sized desk mats, so we got to work manufacturing a prototype of each. The possibility of alternative colours and styles were considered, but we wanted to ensure that existing customers could expand their existing collection with matching products when we released our home working collection. Our leather desk mats (both large and regular) feature a smooth leather surface which provides the ultimate aesthetic for a desk but also gives your workspace that extra degree of class, making your day-today tasks just that little bit easier.

For those of us that were previously using any surface we could in order to operate our mouse while working from home, the introduction of the TORRO leather mouse mat was a dream. Working with any mouse for effortless gliding and protecting your work surface from unnecessary knocks or scratches makes it the perfect accompaniment for home working and eliminates the need of trialling various place mats to discover which one turned out to be the least inconvenient.

Bringing the office... home

An additional question we posed to ourselves was this – “what do I have at the office which I don’t have at home?”. The answer was simple – stationery. Of course, everyone has a few old pens lying around, but let’s face the facts, you spend more time scribbling to get the ink out than noting anything down. We designed our leather pencil case to help combat this issue, giving our stationery a luxurious portable home to travel to and from the office was a no brainer, meaning we are now fully equipped to work - wherever our desk may be on that day!

Not having the office radio to listen to while working from home (particularly for our beloved Country Music Fridays), proved to be one of the more challenging aspects of home working. Not having the camaraderie shared over a mutual disappointment of hearing the same song for the fifth time in 3 hours meant that we had to find an alternative. Of course, the easy option is to hook up your music to a home speaker. But this presented an additional challenge when one of us frustratingly encountered a scratched desk caused by a HomePod Mini. To combat this, we specifically designed our genuine leather coaster set for use with the HomePod Mini, while of course also coming in useful for our endless tea & coffee consumption throughout the day.

A touch of TORRO

At TORRO it brings us great pleasure to produce products that we are excited to use ourselves and we feel as though this has never been more prevalent than with our Home Working Collection. High quality leather products which have been specifically crafted to combat the problems with the home working environment that we have collectively encountered over the last 18 months. Adding style, comfort and practicality to home working setups was the goal and we are delighted to have achieved this while maintaining our high standards of quality and accessibility for all.

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