TORRO cases are all handmade using carefully selected premium quality leather from all over the world including the USA and Italy. Our team put so much care into every step of the process from designing the accessories with every detail in mind to hand finishing each and every case. This ensures that it is to the highest standard our customers have come to expect from TORRO.

However, we know that your journey with the case doesn’t end there. It’s just the beginning of your own #TORROstory.

Here at TORRO we believe that you chose us because you care about the details too. You selected your leather to match who you are and who you want to become. It's more that just protecting your device, it's your image. Although leather is very robust, it is a natural product and it will wear in a way very unique to your lifestyle.

Leather care kit from TORRO

To maintain the original appearance of your TORRO case, we recommend limiting its exposure to oils, fluid, heat, dust and food products. The more you handle your case the more wear you will notice the leather changing - it’s good proof of what a great job your case is doing. Even if the case doesn't look as new, it will be still keeping the device from absorbing dust, dirt, sweat, rain, oils and lotions.

Clean, Enhance and Protect Your Leather Accessories

We hope you embrace your journey with your TORRO case. Our customer care team are happy to help with any other tips you may need on how to care for your leather case and answer any questions you may have.