Whether it's a TORRO phone case, wallet, or laptop sleeve, caring for your leather goods is important to preserve their longevity, allowing them to age gracefully for years to come. A well looked after and aged leather product is just as beautiful as a new one - arguably even more so.

The ageing effect that leather products receive is known as a "patina". The patina effect is something which cannot be replicated given that it represents a natural ageing process in the leather. Leather goods with a distinct patina express a level of character that is not present with new items. They all tell their own unique story. As such everyday maintenance is essential to ensure your leather goods remain as impressive as possible.

Everyday Care

Step one to ensuring your leather goods are maintained is basic day to day care that will help avoid unnecessary wear and tear. As a natural material, leather can stretch. As such you should avoid overfilling them. For example, don’t force too many cards into a card slot, or throw extra items into a bag which result in the leather stretching.

A task that should be regularly done, is wiping down your leather items with a soft cloth or brush to remove any dust or spots that have gathered during use.

As a natural material, leather needs to be moisturised and cared for. Over time the leather will lose its moisture – this results in the leather drying out which could lead to the fibres breaking rather than stretching.

If your leather products are unfortunate enough to pick up a small scratch, then don’t be too concerned. With a small scratch, it’s possible that you’ll be able to easily work this out. Gently rubbing a small scratch with your fingers allows the natural oils in your finger to work into the leather. This layer of moisture may help remove small scratches. Larger scratches may require the use of a leather nourishing leather balm to help restore moisture to your leather goods.

Cleaning Your Leather Goods

If you’re wondering what you can use to clean and protect your leather goods, the TORRO Leather Care Kit has been designed specifically for use with TORRO leathers and features a leather cleaner and a leather protector. The leather cleaner can be applied in small amounts to enhance and prolong the life of your accessory. It can easily be applied using either a clean sponge or the tip of your finger.

Additionally, the leather protector can be applied after wiping your leather goods down with a microfibre cloth. Once applied it should be left for around 15-20 seconds and wiped off with a cloth before it dries. This will add a layer of protection which will help prevent staining and the ingress of fluids while also protecting against marks from everyday handling.

You should also be sure to spot test any cleaning materials you intend to use on your leather, ideally in a hidden spot. This ensures the materials used do not negatively affect your leather, prior to applying it across the full item. Baby wipes should also be avoided due to chemicals which can potentially cause damage. As should placing leather goods directly into water. When leather gets wet the oils in the leather bonds to the water molecules so when the water dries and evaporates, it draws out the leather’s natural oils with it.

TORRO Leather & Screen Care


When it comes to storing your leather goods, there are some simple tips which can help add to their longevity. It may seem obvious but having your leather items in direct sunlight can result in the colour fading, as such this should be avoided where possible. From a similar perspective, leather should be kept away from artificial heat sources, such as radiators. A prolonged period next to these can result in the leather drying out and cracking, causing damage to the fibres.

When it comes to larger items such as bags, when not in use you should store these in a dust bag where possible to help avoid scratches. With that in mind, be sure to not store your leather items in a plastic bag – this will prevent good ventilation which can also possibly lead to the leather drying out.

The Do's and Don'ts of Leather Care


  • Regularly clean with a soft brush or cloth
  • Regularly air out your leather goods
  • Moisturise your leather
  • For larger items, store these in a dust bag when not in use
  • Rub small scratches gently with your fingers.
  • Apply a small amount of leather cleaner on a regular basis.
  • Use a leather protector to prevent stains and marks
  • Spot test any cleaning materials

Do Not

  • Store in direct sunlight
  • Place next to artificial heat sources
  • Store in a plastic bag
  • Use baby wipes to clean your leather goods
  • Place leather goods directly in water to wash, this will draw out the natural oils
  • Neglect your leather goods

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