Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S24 Ultra flagship smartphone with a lot of hype. Packed with cutting-edge technology and well-known features, there are still some lesser-known features that have not received the attention they deserve. In this blog, we take a closer look at some of the hidden or obscure features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra that you may not have heard about.

1. Live Translate

One useful feature that Samsung have included on Galaxy S24 Ultra is a live translate mode. This can be used to translate phone calls in real time, it allows you to speak in your native language, to then be automatically translated for the person on the other end of the call, and of course vice versa for their response. To enable this feature, go to:

Settings > Call Assist > Turn On Live Translate

You’ll then be able to activate this while on a call by tapping Call Assist and then Live Translate.

2. Interpreter Mode

In a similar vein, the S24 Ultra also features an interpreter mode to offer real time translation of a conversation. You’re able to download language packs and then speak to the Interpreter app, which will automatically translate your voice into the other language. Then, of course, vice versa to help facilitate in person conversation across two different languages.

To access Interpreter mode, simply open the quick settings panel and select interpreter.

3. Web Page Summaries

The S24 Ultra also features a function known as Summarise. When using the Samsung Internet Browser, if you select the generative ai option, you can then select to receive an ai generated summary of the web page. This can be particularly beneficial for longer form content like reports, for example, whereby a quick snapshot of the page can be a useful run down of a full report.

4. Voice Focus

The S24 Ultra also offers the ability to enable Voice Focus to improve the clarity of your voice against background noise. This a function you may have missed given that it is activated during a call. All you need to do is access the quick settings panel, go to mic mode, and then change from the standard mode to voice focus. This will work to filter out any background noise, so if whoever you’re talking to can’t quite make out what you’re saying due to background noise, then this is the ideal feature to help counter that.

5. Circle to Search

One of our favourite features on the S24 Ultra is the circle to search functionality. With this you can use either your finger or the S-Pen to circle anything on your device’s screen and quickly search for information about what you see. To ensure this feature is turned on follow the steps below:

Open Settings > Display > Navigation Bar > Make Sure Circle to Search is Toggled On

Then, to use this function, simply tap and hold the home key, use your finger or S-Pen to circle the object of interest and then the web search will begin immediately.

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