A brief history of the wallet

With a long history stretching back to the late 1600s, wallets were initially invented shortly after the introduction of paper currency in Massachusetts in 1690. The first wallets were produced from cow or horse hide leather and generally featured a small pouch for the storage of an identification card.

The average size of the wallet reduced over time, initially to accommodate the change in the size of physical money, which has also gotten smaller over time. The wallet as we know it today with additional slots for cards, surfaced in the 1950s following the invention of the first credit card. 

The use of credit and store cards up until recently meant that wallets were filled to capacity (and often beyond). With the rising use of the smartphone now meaning there is less of a need to carry physical tickets, receipts and often cash itself, minimalist wallets have since become the norm.

Your current wallet likely doesn’t quite stretch back to the 1600s, but it’s likely to have seen better days. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a new slim wallet or cardholder that maintains the timeless tradition of being beautifully handcrafted with premium cowhide leather. The question you must ask yourself is which style of wallet or cardholder would best suit your needs?

Dark Brown Leather BiFold Wallet holding 5 cardsTORRO Dark Brown Leather Bifold Wallet

Why choose a Bifold Wallet?

The TORRO Leather Bifold Wallet itself is designed around the purpose of minimal bulk with maximum storage, while also not neglecting the history of the wallet. Meticulously handcrafted from premium US cowhide leather, this bifold is the modern embodiment of the timeless traditions of the wallet. Incorporating RFID blocking for an additional layer of protection, your cards will remain safe and secure. With 5 card slots, including a front fast access slot, and additional capacity for the storage of cash, you will be hard-pressed to find an alternative minimalist/slim wallet that offers as prestigious a blend of style and substance.

Black with red detail long bifold leather walletTORRO Black (with Red Stitching) Long Leather Wallet

Why choose a Long Bifold / Breast Pocket Wallet?

Our Long Bifold Wallet calls further back to the days of yore. With capacity to store your cash lying flat, its larger size allows you to keep your cash crisp and your cards quickly accessible. Drawing inspiration from the wallets of days gone by and designed for the ultimate convenience of fitting inside a coat or breast pocket, the Long Leather Bifold is the perfect accessory for those seeking greater storage capacity without compromising on style. It’s not just a long wallet, it’s an accessory that expresses your dedication to timeless traditions.

Why choose a credit card holder?

Despite the wallet’s popularity throughout history, many are now seeking for a more lightweight and slim way of carrying cards than ever before. The traditional wallet evolved into a slimmer variant, but the cardholder takes this several steps further to eliminate bulk as much as possible. There will be those of you asking yourself the question “why do I need a wallet when I never use cash anymore?” - that's where a slim cardholder comes in! 

Black with red detail slimline credit card holderTORRO Black (with Red Stitching) Leather Card Holder

Slim Cardholder for Cash and Cards

Cardholders are a relatively new innovation in the world of accessories. They originated in more recent times due to a growing number of card-based transactions, opposed to the exchange of physical cash. Of course, the obvious benefit to a cardholder is its distinct, slimline nature - eliminating unnecessary bulk.

Generally, cardholders are only slightly larger in size than the cards that they are intended to carry, so that they can comfortably fit within any pocket. The smaller size means it will only accommodate what it is designed to fit, so the TORRO Leather Cardholder is designed with 5 card slots for maximum storage space. This maintains the idea of eliminating bulk, but also provides exceptional levels of convenience. 

Coin Purse with Card Holder

The latest edition to the TORRO catalogue is our super versatile Coin Purse with Card Holder. Featuring a spacious zipped pouch for your coins and notes, card holder for up to 5 cards and RFID blocking for added protection.

The Verdict

Whether a wallet or cardholder is the better option comes down to a myriad of factors. How many cards do you need to carry? Do you still frequently use cash? Are you annoyed by unnecessary bulk in your pockets? 

Ultimately, it's a choice made out of personal preference - there is no collective right or wrong answer. That's exactly why, at TORRO, we cater to a variety of tastes, without forgetting or neglecting the past traditions and history of the genuine leather wallet. 

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