TORRO pride ourselves on producing products with our key principles in mind – quality, craftsmanship and design. Through utilising premium aniline leather, TORRO products exude style and elegance without a single compromise.

From dedicated office spaces to the makeshift office taking over your dining room table, your work environment is where you spend a large chunk of your day. With that in mind, it can feel somewhat demoralising working from a temporary desk or setup. That’s where the TORRO Leather Desk Mat (available in regular and large sizes) comes in, to improve your daily work environment.

Tan Leather Desk Mat and Keyboard


Whether you’re working remotely or back in the office full-time, adding a leather desk mat to your set up will add a level of visual appeal that a regular desk simply cannot match. Add a layer of luxury leather to your work surface and elevate it to the next level. Workplace design is proven to have an impact on your performance, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Therefore, improving the aesthetics of your workspace is something which not only benefits your desk, but it also massively benefits you too.

Black with Red Stitching Leather Desk Mat with Microfibre lining

Protection and Organisation

Perhaps the most functional reason for using a TORRO leather desk mat, is that it is designed to also protect your desk. Some desks or work surfaces can be easily marked or scratched from daily use. The TORRO leather desk mat has been designed with this in mind. Featuring a microfibre underside, all materials used have been carefully considered to produce a luxury desk mat that also minimises the risk of your desk being damaged while you work.

Using a desk mat also helps to clearly define your workspace. With a more structured workspace, you will naturally feel an inclination to keep your setup more organised. Without a desk mat, you’ll have things scattered across your workspace making it look untidy. By clearly defining your space with a desk mat, you’ll remove unnecessary clutter resulting in a cleaner and sleeker workspace, guaranteed to give you a more positive mindset.

Tan Leather Desk Mat with mouse and keyboard


Using a desk mat not only looks good and protects your desk, but it will also provide your desk with an ergonomic boost. If you’ve ever felt your forearms or wrists begin to feel fatigued while working, having a soft leather surface to rest on will help to negate this by adding a level of comfort not present without a softer surface. Not only that, but a leather desk mat also keeps your keyboard in position while typing and increases the usability of your mouse opposed to using it against a rough surface. 

A leather desk mat doesn't just look great, it improves your day-to-day life. If you need to improve your workspace visually and ergonomically while also adding a layer of protection to your desk, then a TORRO leather desk mat in regular or large should be at the top of your list.

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