All you need to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 expected to arrive as early as January, the leaks and rumours are ramping up. Check back for regular updates.

It's been a fast paced year in tech, Google have certainly gained ground with the Pixel 5 and it only seems like yesterday that Samsung launched the S20 range. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max now available, Samsung are looking to respond quickly in order to retain market share.

Early reports suggest it is all about the camera, it seems every new smartphone is all about the camera these days but the S21 moniker seems to point to a more incremental update to the S20 and S20 Ultra range or aligning with the calendar year as a naming system for the future.

We are expecting a January the 14th Announcement with a release date of 29th January. Expect prices to reflect S20 pricing and a 100 x zoom across the entire range.

All devices are expected to have a 120Hz QHD+ screen, obviously 5G enabled and all to feature and new redesign which allocates the entire top left hand corner of the rear of the device to the camera assembly minimising an unsightly raised camera plate.

On 15th November, Android Police reported that the S21 Ultra version will come with an S-Pen, they also have released a number of design specs which show the S21 with a very familiar iPhone 11 like design.

S21 render image as revealed by Android Police


We will continue to update as the story unfolds.