Introducing Sarah, the focus of our second in the series of #TORROstory videos. Each video looks at a different TORRO user, as they tell us about the moment when TORRO had their back the most.

Sarah tells the story of her first graduate position. Whilst finding her feet, her boss throws her into the deep end by requesting she gives a presentation at short notice. As things start to go wrong it seems a TORRO is Sarah's only friend. To find out how Sarah's #TORROstory unfolds, watch Sarah's #TORROStory below.

Wherever you are and whatever adventure life takes you on, we are proud to be the brand a TORRO user is most in contact with. We’ve been on so many journeys with so many of our customers and the wear lines on every TORRO takes its owner back to those moments.

If you’re new to our brand, we would love if you started a new chapter with TORRO,  or if you already have a TORRO then we would be privileged if you would share your #TORROStory. We will even send you a free TORRO T-Shirt if it’s published on our website!

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