iPhone 9 / iPhone SE 2 News and Rumours

iPhone 9 / iPhone SE 2 News and Rumours

It’s now been almost 4 years since the last ‘out of cycle’ iPhone. The iPhone SE ‘special edition’ launched on the 31st March 2016.

We’re now waiting with anticipation for its successor. We understand from common rumours the device will be called the iPhone 9 and fill the gap between iPhone 8 and iPhone X (10). The TORRO design team have been designing iPhone 9 cases based on the form factor of iPhone 8. Leather cases and covers for iPhone 9 should be available in line with the launch which is assumed to be February or March.

We refer to iPhone 9 leather cases rather than iPhone SE 2 as we believe this may become a new cycle for a regular budget option than a special edition.

Please get in touch with your hopes for the iPhone 9 and read the latest news as we receive it.



The latest rumours suggest that Apple will hold an event and announce the new iPhone 9 on March 31 ahead of its release on April 3.

German iPhone rumours site reports Apple is planning a special event for the end of March citing sources directly related to Apple. The most likely date for the event suggested by this German report is Tuesday, March 31 2020, which then could led to the release of iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2) on Friday, April 2020.

It is not unusual for Apple to hold an event and unveil new services and devices in spring.

Source – 9to5Mac



iPhone 9 is rumoured to have an amazing camera considering the price of the device and should be available in stores tin just a few weeks.

The SE successor, often referred to as SE2, will have a slightly bigger screen, touch ID, a super-fast A13 Bionic Chip and camera - only single lens - that Apple used for iPhone 11 production.

We are expecting a new iPhone 9 to have a matte glass finish on the back and come in three colours - space grey, red and silver.

Source – Creative Bloq



Latest reports from reuters suggest the iPhone 9 is still due for release in March despite the coronavirus epidemic. Little new has emerged in recent days other than more weight behind the alleged £399 price tag. Major Apple suppliers are based in the Henan and Guangdong provinces which have some road restrictions but are not quarantined like Hubei. 



Latest news is that the iPhone 9 or SE 2 is to be delayed slightly, partly down to freight logistic disruption caused by the coronavirus restricting movement within and out of China. More and more suggestions of a Spring iPhone are surfacing but then this would coincide with the original SE launch date of 30th March. 

There is also excitement brewing on twitter regarding the re-introduction of Touch-ID due to the retention of a home button. The original SE has a very loyal following of what we would call Apple traditionalists and this new device will surely be a hit with this retro crowd. 

Sources – GSMArena, TechRadar



The iPhone 9 is likely to take the form factor of the iPhone 8 and it will appear identical, new colour options are rumoured to be Space Grey, Red and Silver. Other highlights appear to be an A13 processor, 3GB Ram and an updated LCP Antenna.

We also believe there is a chance Apple may release an iPhone 9 Plus. This would cause slight confusion over the simplicity of a single budget device but may prove to be a hit in Asia where large screened, economically priced smartphones dominate.

TORRO cases for iPhone 9 are likely to be cross compatible with the current range for iPhone 8 due to iPhone 9 cases having an identical unibody compatibility.

Sources – Macworld


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