New iPhone season is almost upon us once again so of course, in anticipation, we are keeping track of all new rumours which begin to circulate. We are expecting the new iPhone to be announced at an Apple Event in September this year.

Interestingly, this year it is tough to predict the name of the device itself! Of course, going by standard naming conventions, it should simply be iPhone 13, but Apple aren’t traditionally the most standard company, are they?

There are strong indications that we may find ourselves in an “S Year” whereby we can expect small upgrades to the existing iPhone 12 range with the possible launch of an "iPhone 12S", but we’ll have to wait and see for that one – for ease of reference we will stick with iPhone 13 in the meantime. 

So, with the name out of the way, the next most important aspect to consider is the release date. Apple have a habit of introducing their new flagship devices at an Apple event early September for release later in the month.

With Covid encompassing the iPhone 12 launch this was delayed until October, which may occur again. You can anticipate the iPhone 13 release date at some point in September or October.

Tech Rumours

Refresh Rate 

One of the most popular early rumours circulating around the iPhone 13 suggested that the new range of devices would feature a 120hz refresh rate, compared to 60hz refresh rate of the iPhone 12 range.

Always-on Display

Early reports suggested that the iPhone 13 may feature an always on display showing battery level, clock and short flashes of any notifications that come through to the device.

Under Screen Touch ID

An interesting rumour that arose, particularly in today’s world of regularly wearing face masks, is that Apple are exploring the idea of an under screen/in-display Touch ID feature to accompany Face ID.


There is a strong indication now that the range of iPhone 13 will all receive larger/more powerful batteries than their iPhone 12 counterparts. The 13 Pro Max is expected to feature a 4352mAh battery compared to the 3687mAh battery of the 12 Pro Max.

Despite the 13 Mini also being expected to maintain a small jump in battery power over the 12 Mini, the question remains whether this will actually improve overall battery consumption efficiency or just counteract other rumoured tech enhancements.

Design Rumours


With the possibility of an “S year” it appears that the screen sizes of the iPhone 12 range will be carried over to the new release. Despite somewhat disappointing sales of the iPhone 12 Mini from the Apple perspective, it does appear that they will run with the Mini at 5.4”, 13 and 13 Pro at 6.1” and the 13 Pro Max at 6.7”.

Camera Design

One of the more interesting possibilities that we have encountered for the iPhone 13 range, is that appears as though the iPhone 13 Pro will feature a camera similar to the existing iPhone 12 Pro Max, bringing the Pro model more in line in terms of capabilities and size of the camera block to the Pro Max rather than the base model.

The early design models that we received show the iPhone 13 Pro (6.1”) with the larger camera bump suggesting a camera upgrade for the new Pro model.

Apple iPhone 13 Renders

Smaller Notch

After remaining the same since its introduction with the iPhone X back in 2001, many are speculating that now is finally the time Apple will feature a much smaller notch on the new iPhone while still maintaining the functionality of Face ID.

Pink iPhone

This one is for those of your who like your more strikingly coloured devices. Following on from the recent purple iPhone 12 release, there are suggestions that Apple may introduce a pink device with the launch of the iPhone 13.

Whatever happens TORRO is already ahead of the game - working on new case moulds, designs and features. Watch this space!