As a manufacturer of premium consumer items, a startup and being part of a team of entrepreneurs here at, we always sit up and take notice and inspiration from companies that can make a significant dent in the norm.

Tesla Motors to the passerby is that electric car firm. “Yeah I’ve heard of them” most in the UK will mutter. Unless you're an early adopter who like us has a keen eye on the tech horizon you probably won’t know a great deal more about Tesla or their enigmatic CEO Elon Musk. Tesla have built a car from the ground up with the S model. All electric with a range that makes an electric car a ‘proper car’ capable of hundreds of miles and a 0-60 which matches that of a supercar.

 Owning a Tesla has been described as ‘the car that improves after you’ve bought it’ this is due to the fact that like a smartphone the car will receive software updates that don't just update the instrument display panel but can impact on handling, acceleration and everyday use of the ‘device’ due to the nature of it being a giant lithium powered iPad on wheels! Interestingly the original Tesla roadster which boasted a large iPad style touchscreen control panel was actually released and engineered prior to the iPad even being released.

The reason you need to know about Tesla is that we are nearing the launch of the Tesla 3. The first affordable and practical Tesla aimed at the mass market. Musk introduced ‘free fuel’ in the USA at the Tesla Supercharging stations where Tesla owners can re-charge their vehicles in 20 minutes for 300 plus miles for free. For a fee of around $55 to save time, an F1 style pit stop can take place whereby machines will swap the battery with a fully charged battery to expedite the ‘fuelling’ process. These supercharging stations are now popping up around the UK, one being just 10 miles from the TORRO Cases HQ which is remarkable for us up in the North East of England. The best thing about these stations are that they champion the eco friendly ethos of the company by being solar powered.

Other features include the ability to summons the car with a smartphone, an automatic docking arm to connect the charger point a very space aged piece of technology presumably Space X inspired! If this has wetted your appetite for some additional tech in your life, as a TORRO cases customer we have no doubt this would be of interest to you. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has been described as a cross between the methodical and technically brilliant Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs by having the vision for something yet to be invented and knowing what the consumer would want before they even asked for it as well as meticulous attention to the design and user experience. I would also suggest there is a sprinkling of Google in there with a childlike science fiction desire to build into the design everything we dreamed of as children and believed would never happen in our lifetime.

This is underpinned by Musk’s Space X company, developing re-usable space rockets with the ultimate goal of return transport to Mars. Once again, question this as impossible and we would implore you to read further on Space X and begin to wake up to the impossible slowly becoming possible. The latest venture dreamed up by Musk is the Hyperloop as an alternative to high speed rail. The basis of the idea is a solar powered electric pulse powered tube, pushing pods at speeds of up to 800mph that can be driven in L.A and allowing you to drive out at the other end in San Fransisco after 20 minutes. Again green, efficient and innovative transport that people are actually trying to make happen.

Here at TORRO we apply this type of passion to our vision, making products that we want to use ourselves, using only the finest materials and applying cutting edge manufacturing technology to make accessories worthy of being used alongside technology being dreamt up by individuals like Musk. Steve Jobs famously once stated that it was almost like a ‘baton’ being passed from one generation of entrepreneurs to the next. Musk certainly seems to be an appropriate recipient, this article has not even touched upon his involvement in intent mapping directory technology and founding PayPal which articulates this point in itself. As a TORRO Cases customer we would hope that you will share this appreciation for innovation and even though it may be a product such as your iPad case or your money wallet, we want you to know it has been made by passionate entrepreneurs who care greatly about making a product the best it can be.