What is wireless Qi Charging?

Wireless Qi charging, pronounced “Chee”, is a universal standard that defines wireless power transfer through inductive charging over distances of up to 4cm. With TORRO Cases now stocking wireless Qi charging pads, we have taken the opportunity to write this blog post which looks into what wireless Qi charging is and how the technology works.  

Although wireless charging technology has been around for many years now, we’re only just beginning to see mass adoption amongst the mobile phone market. Many mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, LG, and Google, are slowly but steadily making the transition from traditional wired charging, to wireless Qi charging. Some even appear to be pioneering the move to completely wireless mobile phones, as seen by Apple, with the removal of the classic 3.5mm jack headphones port for iPhone 7 onwards. It wouldn’t surprise us if the next iPhone is completely free of ports, but we’ll save that article for another time!

Wireless charging is exactly what it says on the box… It enables you to charge your device without inserting a charging cable into a mobile phone port. Simply place your mobile phone on your wireless charging pad and let the wireless charging commence. Easy, right?

Whether you’re an evening bedside phone charger, or use your phone regularly at your desk and are sick of seeing your battery drain throughout the working day, wireless charging benefits everyone. No more plugging and unplugging wires in and out of your phone. Not to mention the continuous scratching to your phone, as well as the dreaded charging cable breaking after only a few months! Hassle-free charging is worth every penny and is definitely here to stay

How does wireless Qi charging work?

Wireless charging uses simple inductive charging, which is explained in three simple steps below:

  1. Electrical current passes through coils within the wireless charging pad, creating an electromagnetic field.
  2. When the receiving magnetic plate within the mobile phone comes into close range with the transmitter (charging pad), the magnetic field generates an electrical current within the mobile phone.
  3. The electrical current converts into direct current (DC), which charges the mobile phone.

What wireless charger should I buy?

So, you now know what wireless charging is, and exactly how it works. If you’re still unsure whether your mobile phone supports wireless charging, just head over to your phone manufacturer’s website or ask in store with your network provider and they’ll be sure to help.

We’ve taken the time to study various wireless chargers on the market. As a result, we believe the most important factors that contribute to the perfect wireless charger are; design, functionality, the speed of charging and safety. As a result, our design team has worked hard to perfect every aspect of the wireless charger, with the new TORRO Wireless Qi Charging Pad. Made from our genuine Black Napa Leather and only 0.6 cm thick, our stylish wireless charging pad is the perfect addition for your wireless charging compatible mobile phones. Visit the product page to find out much more about this wireless charging pad. 

TORRO Single Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Are you having charging issues with MagSafe?

With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple introduced a new wireless charging technology called MagSafe. This is a proprietary technology which requires new charger / accessories and these have different requirements to the more established Qi chargers.

Read our "MagSafe Charging - What you need to know!" article for the latest information on MagSafe charging and common problems.