Author: Daniel Cooper, Customer Service and Catalogue Administrator at TORRO

With Amazon Prime undoubtedly dominating the realms of online shopping once again in 2020, we want to know for 2021, what is most important to you when shopping online? Of course, the quality of products is undoubtedly vital, and this is something we pride ourselves on at TORRO. But alongside that, when you are considering a purchase from an e-commerce brand, what do you look for?

Delivery Options

In today’s Amazon Prime age, it seems as though free delivery has become the norm, rather than a perk. The convenience of free Prime delivery has become widely expected and, if anything, appears to be the standard to adhere to.

On the contrary, for many the speed of delivery is of more importance than the price of delivery and while Amazon can front the cost of a next day delivery service with Prime, this is not possible for everyone. An option of an expedited delivery with a slightly higher cost is one many customers take advantage of in order to receive their purchase sooner. This then poses the question of; would you rather have:

  • Free standard delivery with an option of paid expedited delivery, or;
  • An annual fee for expedited delivery all year round?

Customer Reviews

Naturally when ordering online, you want to know what other customers think of the company you are considering buying from. Reviews are one of the best ways in which you can make a quicker judgement of a brand prior to any personal interaction making them vitally important both in terms of perception and awareness.

At TORRO we value customer satisfaction and ask our customers to leave us reviews on Trustpilot and after over 8,000 reviews, have a five-star rating. We feel that this inspires trust in our service, but would you be more inclined to check reviews on other platforms like Google or Facebook rather than Trustpilot?

Customer Service

Throughout 2020 at TORRO, there were multiple occasions when our teams were working from home. This meant that we were unable to be reached by phone on occasion, which we appreciate was not ideal for some of our customers. Having returned to the office, we have turned our phone line back on for customers who prefer to reach out that way. At TORRO we aim to establish long term relationships with our loyal customers and look to answer any inquiries as quickly as possible.

We recognise that people have their own preferences on how to contact our customer service team and attempt to accommodate this as much as possible. With our phone line back on, email responses 7 days a week and availability for messaging on major social media channels, we feel like we have a large majority of bases covered, but how do you prefer to reach out to a company when shopping online so that we can best accommodate your preferences?

Ease of Navigation

With a wide range of products, we feel that it is of vital importance that customers can navigate our site with ease in order to find the product that they are looking for. You will see in our navigation bar that phone cases are divided by brand and sorted chronologically.

With tech companies not always naming their devices the most convenient of ways, clear navigation is important to us to help improve customer experience.  After all, shopping online is all about convenience, right?

Product Range

Naturally when shopping online a wider product range is more appealing. Not only does it mean that you are more likely to find what you are looking for, but it also adds an air of credibility. At TORRO we are always exploring ways to improve and diversify our product & service offerings and are currently working on expanding our range of cases supporting MagSafe.

We welcome any product suggestions from our customers that we can take on board. Of course, our eyes are always peeled for any rumours of the new iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy but if there is a device that you wished we would cater for, or an accessory that you would like to accompany your other TORRO products then please, suggest away!

Let us know any of your thoughts and if you can think of any ways in which we can make your online shopping experience with TORRO an easier or smoother process, then please get in touch.