Every TORRO case is carefully designed and tested prior to release in order to ensure that it lives up to the high standard of quality and style, which has become synonymous with the TORRO brand.

TORRO leather craftsmen are highly skilled individuals who conduct the intricate processes of constructing the cases by hand. Supported by the latest in production technology, TORRO products are made with the utmost care and are stringently quality checked. It often surprises people when we say that one TORRO leather bumper takes one hour to make.

The process starts by examining the hide - a leather quality control officer will lay the leather hide flat and check for any slight imperfections. These will then be highlighted to ensure that this part is cut around and discarded.

The leather is then cut to size, depending on the product for which it is required.

A state of the art laser cuts out the signature TORRO insignia and we then begin to construct the components that make up the case. This includes manufacturing the card slots and the internal frame construction.

The components are then stitched together by hand and using specialist bonding techniques. All cases are hand-checked and then finished using rubberised painting seals around port openings.

Once the internal frame is attached, the cases are tested and given a final quality check before being packaged up, ready for their new home.

You are then ready to enjoy your premium leather, expertly crafted and quality checked TORRO Case!