"I bought my first Torro tan leather case for my 6S only 10 days after the birth of our beautiful baby girl! The case is a design treat that keeps my iPhone looking good when all around me is now messy and chaotic!!! With the changed family circumstances my wife’s need for the car trumped that of my own and resulted in a change to my work commute. A lengthy walk to the train station now means facing the elements in the heart of winter!! So with confidence in the TORRO brand I explored the website to see if there was anything to make the trek more enjoyable. Warmth and comfort were restored with the purchase of the sturdy and impressive TORRO umbrella, pair of TORRO wool touchscreen gloves and beanie hat!! So have confidence in anything you purchase here and if you choose to preserve the tech that you appreciate with TORRO you’ll equally come to appreciate the case itself. After another week of dirty nappies I’ve purchased a tan leather case for my iPad!" D Knipe