It's been a hugely successful year for TORRO, as our business has continued to go from strength to strength. Before we look forward to an even brighter 2019, we want to ask you all -

how did your TORRO have your back this year?

We recently launched our #TORROstory campaign, including our first #TORROstory competition, which encouraged customers to get in touch and tell their own #TORROstory.

It's safe to say we were blown away with the response!

Customers from all over the world contacted us with interesting and engaging anecdotes relating to their TORRO, from motorcycle tours across Europe to

recording sessions in Abbey Road Studios.

We loved hearing about the individual journey of each TORRO since being lovingly packed and sent from our headquarters, and how our leather has taken on a life of its own.

"the worn contrasting tones represents moments and treasured memories… it represents me… it is part of my story'

We are honoured to be the brand in the hands of our customers in most cases more than any other, you have allowed TORRO to be part of these special moments these.

"It was with me when my daughter told me I would be a grandad for the first time and also when I first face-timed our beautiful granddaughter"

After such amazing feedback, we wanted to encourage more of you to get in touch with your own #TORROstory from this year. It could be a short sentence or a tall tale.

We will even send you a £5 gift card if it's published on our website.

Just email us now at

Read a selection of our favourite TORROstory examples below...

"I bought my first Torro tan leather case for my 6S only 10 days after the birth of our beautiful baby girl! The case is a design treat that keeps my iPhone looking good when all around me is now messy and chaotic!!! With the changed family circumstances my wife's need for the car trumped that of my own and resulted in a change to my work commute. A lengthy walk to the train station now means facing the elements in the heart of winter!! So with confidence in the TORRO brand I explored the website to see if there was anything to make the trek more enjoyable. Warmth and comfort were restored with the purchase of the sturdy and impressive TORRO umbrella, pair of TORRO wool touchscreen gloves and beanie hat!! So have confidence in anything you purchase here and if you choose to preserve the tech that you appreciate with TORRO you'll equally come to appreciate the case itself. After another week of dirty nappies I've purchased a tan leather case for my iPad!" D Knipe
"I've had 3 TORRO cases now for successive iPhone upgrades, I'm due an upgrade soon, so soon it will be 4! I have been able to get full resale value from my old phones because the cases are so good. Several people I know have bought them after seeing mine. What's more they have been with me in Abbey Road, Air Studios and Angel studios for recording sessions, always classy!" S Whiteside
"I bought my TORRO case for my iPhone nearly four years ago. It has travelled around Europe several times over on my motorcycle tours and nearly a dozen assorted holidays to Sharm, Mexico, Aruba and Europe.  It has suffered wet days in a waterproof pocket on my motorcycle jacket here in the uk weather too. It still operates, and still looks an exceptional piece of workmanship to this day. In red and black it looks so good! I just love it!!" J Glen