Statistics show that about half of the business fail within the first five years. Most people wish for a steady, secure day job. Most people would never let go of their strand of security and comfort once they’ve found it. TORRO founders William Johnson and Michael Farnsworth are not like most people.

After growing up just outside of Newcastle, spending over a decade working in the Police Force, having secured and what most would find, satisfying careers, the founders decided to quit their day jobs and pursue TORRO.

Since day one, TORRO concentrated on filling the gap in the gents’ accessories’ market and creating a business they could be proud of. Currently they concentrate on designing leather cases for smartphones, tablets, tech and lifestyle accessories. Much time and research go into selecting quality leather from all over the world to combine style and functionality. Although, since their first sale 5 years ago, the demand and the team grew immensely, it is still very much a 7 day per week operation for both of the founders. 

TORRO believe that what makes their business different is their attention to detail. On every level, starting with the product and carefully put together team to the customer care, TORRO leaves no stone unturned in the quest for excellence. Customers can contact TORRO any day of the week and a dedicated team will get back in touch within 24 hours, even on a Sunday.

The care and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Over the years this Geordie business featured in popular magazines such as GQ, Wired and Vogue nationally, been reviewed by tech giants like Apple Insider in the US, won Newcomer of the Year in the North East Business Awards 2017 and this year William was nominated for an Emerging Talent Award in the North East Entrepreneurial Awards.

As TORRO celebrates its fifth birthday this month, William remembers the look on people’s faces when he told them he was quitting his job as a police detective to start a business, designing men’s accessories. ‘You will be back in a couple of months’ he recalls his colleagues saying. 

Other opinions have never stopped the TORRO team. Armed with an entrepreneurial can-do internal culture, the team meticulously plan for what’s next, particularly when faced challenges such as Brexit. Despite the currently testing climate in business, TORRO is working on a growth plan, ready for whatever the coming years have in store.

Inspired by their own success the TORRO team now have new ambitions and are working on making TORRO the go to brand for leather lifestyle goods globally. Maybe before their 10th birthday.