The TORRO ethos has always been to make products we want to use ourselves. In this article we take a closer look at our iPhone 11 Pro Max cases and find out what case William, one of our co-founders uses personally.


Which case style do you use and why?

I use many, personally I am a believer that we should accessorise with cases like we do with any other fashion accessory. We do this for a number of reasons, different variations are designed for different life situations and will be more functional for this purpose as well as the fact it is nice to adapt our accessories for different occasions. 

Can you suggest an example?

Yes sure, for instance during my morning routine I walk my little dog Levi, I always want to make sure my iPhone has 360 degree protection so I use a TORRO stand case, the dark brown one as it happens is my colour of choice. The reason I like to use this style is that once I get home, I tend to make breakfast and watch the news using the TORRO stand functionality, so it works great for protection and function. Aside from this I also like the natural aesthetic of the phone so for this reason, I go for the new pouch style. I am obviously concerned about scratches and wear whilst the phone is in my pocket but once I am in any one space for a period of time, I like to actually use the phone as apple intended. 

Which pouch do you use, with or without a card slot?

I am currently using the style with the hidden card holder. I love the push release rather than the pull tab we used to use, it seems much more intuitive and I like the neat little magnetic flip to access the card holder. Most of my cards are on my phone these days but I like to keep an emergency credit card in case apple pay doesn’t work and it allows me to travel light when I don’t have my matching wallet. The other style is very similar to the original TORRO pouch which is back by popular demand due to how thin and minimalist it is. 

Do you use the wallet cases?

I do actually, I think having multiple cases at a net cost of around £100 for a few cases isn’t bad as it’s less than 10% of the cost of the phone. I use the NERO wallet case with elasticated strap for nights out and special occasions. I think it is important to have a ‘for good’ cover and the strap makes the card section very secure and I do carry more cash and ID when I am out so again it allows me to travel light and with a pristine stylish case.

Do you not like the more worn leather look?

It’s a tough one as yes, my dark brown stand has a beautiful patina as it is the most worn. My matching wallet and man bag all tell my #TORROstory as I’ve used them for years, I think when it comes to cases and covers for the device it is more about adding function to suit my lifestyle. I change my phone often so it’s the rest of the range I go for when it comes to personal wearing in. As I have my phone in my hand constantly, they seem to wear in much quicker anyway as I don’t suppose you handle any other single thing as often, this is why I prefer the multi case approach as it keeps it interesting.

What is your favourite case overall?

It’s got to be the pouch; I love the iPhone aesthetic and feel so I love the functionality and flexibility this case provides. If you’re a proper iPhone fan, then I’d be surprised if you would disagree unless you have a lifestyle that means you’re not often in one place and need more on the go protection. Once again, my multi-case approach has me covered ‘pardon the pun’ because the silicone based internal frame on the stand and NERO case are so easy to get the phone in and out of it makes switching cases a joy.

What will be your next TORRO? 

Well we always have something exciting up our sleeves so I’m not going to give that one away just yet but rest assure, as true tech fans it will be something built to complement the devices and make the most of using and owning a top of the range smartphone.