Here at TORRO, August is always one of the busiest and most exciting months of the year. Not only are we preparing and scaling production for the Christmas shopping rush on our leather lifestyle gifts, we are also carefully redefining and crafting our new iPhone range.  

iPhone 11 Launch

This year we are preparing for the launch of three handsets, commonly referred to as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Although the official names will not be announced until September, we’re betting on Tuesday September 10th as the unveil date based years gone by, with a full launch in most countries on Friday 20th September. As the unibody is only slightly different, we expect full availability on launch rather than the staggered release of the XR last year. We also believe the naming will go back to standard numerical rather than roman numerals due to the ongoing headache this would cause. Imagine an iPhone XIS Max for instance in a year or two. Most people phonetically call their devices XS as in ‘excess’ rather than 10S ‘tennis’ subject to accent of course, as a born and bred Geordie this is certainly how it sounds in and around Newcastle. I’m not even going to attempt to figure out how some people would pronounce the possibility of an iPhone XIS. I also think it would be a nice touch to remember the launch of the X as the tenth anniversary special new design and now just get back to a less confusing numbering system.

iPhone 11 Leather Phone Cases by TORRO

It must be said however that of late Apple have preferred to drop numbering altogether and simply go back to iPad Pro… Or iPad Air… leaving it up to accessory makers like us to append the title to Air 3 etc in order to assist in ensuring customers are able to easily identify and purchase compatible cases. Even the 2019 iPad mini 5 is now simply known as iPad mini. 2020 rumours are already circulating that the iPhone will simply become iPhone and iPhone Pro when the new 5G version launches with a significant form factory update.

Some iPhone 11 Key Features

Our focus has primarily been on the unibody and physical form of the device. The obvious difference is the square camera assembly which will be on all three models. The iPhone 11R however will only house two cameras compared to the three on the iPhone 11 and 11 Max. It is important to note that this is an upgrade of one extra camera per device. The highlight benefit is additional full focus zoom ranges and depth perception for VR apps. We note that the side buttons have also been moved by a couple of mm, this is barely noticeable but obviously an important alteration for cases and covers. This is believed to have been altered to house the larger battery and charging components. We believe battery life to be another headline feature on the 2019 iPhone’s as well as the ability to power share and charge Qi devices such as airpods from the handset.

Leather Cases for the iPhone 11

We are currently in production and hope to have the initial range of TORRO stand cases available for general sale as soon as the announcement has been made. Cases will be limited and as always sell out really quickly for those eager to have protection ready for receipt of their iPhones the following Friday. TORRO will be launching the Stand case range in Black with red detail, Black, Tan, Dark Brown and Red leather.