TORRO dual function Apple Watch Strap

We have recently seen the first 'virtual' Apple Event and observed Apple launch Apple Watch Series 6, complete with blood oxygen monitoring capability. Over the years, the Apple Watch has slowly gained ground to become the best-selling watch globally.

Our dual-function leather watch straps have become an immediate hit with the active, friendly silicone inner side and luxury leather outer. The continued success of the Apple Watch proves customers will regard it as yet another revolutionary Apple product in the history books. Still, I cannot help wondering that Apple should have named it an 'iWatch'?

Back in 2015, when the watch first hit stores with the moniker 'Apple Watch,' it seemed to be Apple flexing brand muscle to inflate the brand recognition further. 5 Years on, the result is in, and it worked. People talk daily about the Apple Watch and use the company name each time they mention the product. Had it been called the iWatch, then less geeky folks than us at TORRO may not necessarily relate it to Apple and then never have experienced the marketing vortex of the 'i-ecosystem' that has taken oh so many scalps.

This terminology has been a masterclass in creating word of mouth brand advertising, quite literally. The argument to the contrary regarding iWatch is more linked to creating a new nomenclature for the product. An iPhone is not a phone or a mobile phone or even a smartphone; it's an iPhone, and it is now the king of the entire market it created. Sure enough, over time, competitors have come and gone, but the iPhone has reclassified the industry as a whole. I don't believe an Apple Phone would have had quite the same impact. Referring to it as an Apple Phone does not do justice to the revolutionary impact of what iPhone became.

In the same vein, the Apple Watch has redefined and created a whole new wearable industry. To say it is the Apple Watch, and the product is just a Watch does not do the product justice. It is not a watch; it is a unique device that has changed the way people digitally interact with each other, applications, and digital information. All of this and it is just getting started.

The Apple naming system does not have any clear logic in any event. Here at TORRO, making genuine leather cases for iPhone and iPad has never been a walk in the park in the build-up to launches, for example, making cases for iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone XR with the arbitrary naming system, not to mention the absence of iPhone 9. Apple calls their laptop a Macbook, but the desktop version is an iMac. Surely keep the business's computer side to Mac and Macbook and non-Mac devices to be 'iPrefixed' names and thus iPad, iPhone, and iWatch?

We must also appreciate Apple may be attempting to evolve from the 'iDays.' Still, with iPhone, iPad, and iCloud being crucial components of the company's future strategy, it just seems a little strange to make the Apple Watch as individual as it is.

Maybe it has surpassed all expectations in popularity; if it has, we don't mind, as a genuine leather TORRO watch strap is the perfect accompaniment to the TORRO range of tech and lifestyle accessories, so thank you, Apple iWatch… sorry, Watch.