There is a lot of speculation that the iPhone 12 range 'the first iPhones to be 5G ready' is likely to be delayed from it's usual September release schedule.

What we know so far is that the device is anticipated to be 5G and will come with a new form factor. New iPhone shapes have been few and far between, in the last few years Apple has remained loyal to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (10) form factors.

The only real noticeable change has been the camera assembly in the iPhone Pro 2019 range

We will update this blog as and when we hear the latest on design, launch dates and spec, please join the conversation below.


It's been a little while since the last update as all of the rumours have been pretty consistent. 

We are 90% sure that only the 12 Pro Max will ship with LiDAR and the 6.1 Pro will have a camera assembly resembling the iPhone 11 Pro. Other than this and the flat edge design, there is little else to be wondering about other than the launch date.

There has been a YouTube leak suggesting a September 10th Digital event. This could be the event but equally could be an event for the iPad Air 4 and Apple Watch Series 6. Experts are still more confident of an October event with the 12 series shipping late October and the Pro version in November.

Here at TORRO we are almost ready with the biggest range of cases in the company history. We are excited to protect more brand new iPhones at launch than ever before in more leather choices and case styles by some margin at a launch.



The TORRO initial release has been decided and production is now underway to ensure you can get a premium leather case on iPhone launch day. The bad news on the Apple front is a strong rumour that they have downsized battery capacity this year, this appears to be an overall consequence of 5G.


So the latest news suggests, slim packaging and no charger or ear buds to ship with iPhone 12. The initial reaction to this was one of anger but it must be kept in mind that 'relatively speaking' Apple are slowly attempting to be more price competitive. If an accessibly priced 5G iPhone means no wired earbuds or charging plug then so be it. They will ship a lightning cable and in all honesty.. who is using a wired set of earbuds these days!


It is becoming more widely discussed that the LiDar sensor will not actually come to iPhone 12 and the 3 camera assembly will remain on the Pro models and dual cameras on the 12 and 12 Max. It appears the flattened edges may be the only aesthetic change.


Sneak peek behind the scenes with a couple of aluminium moulds we're playing with to design our iPhone 12 range of cases. Nice flat edges.

iPhone 12 mouldsecond range of iPhone 12 moulds


The Sun reports a rumour circulated by John Prosser that an iPhone with no ports and no speaker holes is in the making for next year. This sounds a few years away to me as it would require a digital sim which we're not ready for that in the UK. The idea of a fully solid glass iPhone does sound attractive.


The iPhone 12 Pro series will reportedly match the Galaxy S20 in having a 120hz ProMotion display. Fast, responsive super silky screen. Hope so, it would be about time.


The latest rumour, which we believe to be entirely credible is that there is going to be an iPhone 12 'mini' with a diagonal screen size of 5.4" and a dimensional size the same as an iPhone 5. This sounds very plausible due to the fact Apple decided to make the iPhone SE 2 the form factor of iPhone 8 thus disappointing an army of fans who love the compact iPhone 5 / 5S / SE 1st gen unibody. An edge to edge powerful iPhone in this miniature body could be a total game changer. Are we really seeing phones get smaller again after the previous craze was bigger is better. We only have to look to the early noughties when the race was on to make the smallest possible handset.


The leaks are coming thick and fast now the iPhone SE 2nd Gen has been launched. It is shaping up to take on the unibody look of the iconic iPhone 5. Think iPad 2020 Pro with a notch smaller iPhone 11 notch added and shrunken down to iPhone size and you pretty much have the 5G iPhone 12 Pro range. Latest renders doing the rounds look amazing, thanks to @jon_prosser for the notch spec.iPhone 12 Pro Camera assembly render New iPhone 12 notch rumoured specification

iPhone 12 speakers render



The release date swings back and forth as the world responds to COVID-19. Bloomberg have reported that super analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is suggesting an autumn launch with imminent availability, a smaller more discreet notch (hopefully under-screen technology but i'm doubtful on that) and flat stainless steel edges like the iPhone 5. I think, if we see an iPhone 9 / SE2 today with a good supply level then we should see our 5G iPhone 12 range as normal in September.


Whilst the iPhone 9 is grabbing the headlines with an imminent launch date it looks like we were correct with the below LiDAR suggestion. Triple camera and LiDAR sensor is all over the web as the major update for iPhone 12 which is still rumoured for September despite COVID-19


Will the iPhone 12 Pro come with LiDAR?

LiDAR or Light detection and ranging is a technology which involves Illuminating and detecting an object using a laser to make a 3D representation.

Apple suggest the LiDAR scanner in the new iPad Pro coupled with the A12Z Bionic chip will create a new class of AR Experiences.

It stands to reason that this technology will be able to precisely track motion and space for augmented realty gaming. E-commerce developers should be able to use the technology to accurately represent what an item may look like in your home or in the intended place in order to visually represent prior to purchase.

This Pro feature will surely add pocket value to the next generation of iPhone.



Fresh reports of an iPhone 12 delay are surfacing with sources citing slow production capability due to the coronavirus. YoY sales of iPhones have reportedly dropped 61% in China alone. Whilst this is occurring, Samsung have sold 6.9 million 5G in 2019, more that the 4 million projection giving Samsung first movers advantage in the race for 5G supremacy.