Not long to go. The latest iteration of Apple's flagship device is almost upon us and as usual 'leaks' intended or otherwise have shown a glimpse into the new world of iPhone.

What to expect

What seems pretty clear is a nice edge to edge display tantamount to that of an iPhone 7 plus sitting in a unibody just a tad larger than the 7. We're expecting a new iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus to accompany the new iPhone. It appears four front cameras for Face ID replacing touch ID and new mood recognition software. We also expect Apple to drop the white front bezel and the tiny proportion of the bezelled screen to be black to immerse itself with the screen. The 'home' button which disappeared in 2016's iPhone 7 will become a force touch graphic rear facing camera will fall in line with that of the iPad Pro.

The back panel will be glass in the below colours

iPhone 8 back glass

SCILAB -Silver grey 68.07 0.01 0.39 dark grey (more like black)12.78 0.21 1.73 Champagne Gold 60.9 61.8 48.91

TORRO Cases are already working hard behind the scenes to make premium leather cases to complement the aesthetics of this edge to edge display ready for Tim waving the new design in a couple of weeks time.

The big question!

The big question seems to be around name. iPhone 8 is the popular choice at the moment and apple are very quirky when it comes to nomenclature. The second iPhone was the iPhone 3G which some confused as 3rd gen. Apple have or had a tendency to link the naming with a feature, such as 3G being compatible with the 3G network. iPad Air being incredibly thin and light. This has changed slightly under the new regime and evidence of this is with the latest iPad being called, simply iPad.

Could we see the new iPhone being simply iPhone? Some suggest iPhone Pro as it is set to live alongside the 7S and 7S Plus and be an expensive Pro brother. This does fit with iPad and MacBook marketing but it doesn't sit well with us that they would want to charge premium dollar on a 7S Plus and then say it is the consumer version of a Pro iPhone unless they are considering repricing to be more competitive and regain more market share outside of China.

Another idea is iPhone X or iPhone 10 to support the 10th anniversary. I like the idea of X if this is a one off year and next years iPhone is to fall in line and become 8 but it all gets a little murky at this stage.

Coming soon

What we do know is it will be here very soon and TORRO will be covering the device with beautiful, premium leather styles. The iPhone will command a big price tag but the good news is that it is expected to be in full production with no previously reported production delays. Whatever they call it, i'm pretty excited!