Google Pixel Leather Phone Case from TORRO

TORRO Google Pixel 5 Case

Our case for the Google Pixel 5 is imminent! Register your interest today and be the first to hear when the product is available for purchase.

Handcrafted exclusively for TORRO using genuine cowhide leather.
Featuring soft microfibre lining and durable silicone frame for added protection.
Full, unobscured access to the screen and all ports and integrated stand function allowing horizontal video viewing.
Authentic design with 3 card storage slots and compartment for notes.

Not impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Range? Decided to stay clear of the Huawei P40 due to lack of Google integrations? Or simply a fan of the Pixel 4?

Well, whatever the motivations, if you are as excited as we are to see how Google bridge the gap with Apple and Samsung then we are sure the 5G Pixel 5 could make this a genuine 3 horse race!

We will be speaking to those in the know to deliver news and rumours about the Pixel 5. Feel free to join the conversation with what you hope to see from Google later this year.


The latest rumours to circulate are that a Pixel 4a / 4XL and a 5G Pixel 5 will all launch in October this year. Hardware leaks are still few and far between but the previously reported messages below regarding device specifics seem to remain current.


Google set to skip a Pixel 4a series and wait for the Pixel 5 in October.


The latest news on the Pixel 5 is that it is still potentially to be powered by the Snapdragon 765G chipset, this will mean it will perform slower than iPhone SE (2020) and the 4 flagship iPhone 12 models. The cheapest iPhone 12 is rumoured to be selling at $649. The Pixel 5 is going to cost $599 but hold on, this is only $49 less than the latest iPhone and $200 more than the faster SE (2020). This really places the Pixel 5 as the overpriced mid-tier performance phone that is going to be hard to get excited about. Once piece of good news is that Google are working on their own chips rumoured to be launched with the Pixel 6 in 2021 which could be when the competition really hots up.



Prior to the release of the Pixel 5, it looks like we could be in store to receive a 4a. Google introduced the 'a' series with the Pixel 3a in 2019. As a budget handset, we didn't notice too much traction on the handset and are surprised to see Google are planning a May 22nd launch. Hopefully the launch event will give us some further insight into what to expect for the Pixel 5.

The Pixel 4a is expected to carry a price tag of $399 / £399 / AU$649, around the same as the recently launched iPhone SE and a few of Samsung’s mid-tier A-series smartphones


Quiet of late on the Pixel 5 front. Reverse wireless charging is being suggested as a key feature allowing you to charge earbuds or a watch on the device technically using it as a charging matt. We expect to see 'leaked' devices start to surface in June to get an idea on the camera and bezel.


Reports suggest Google maybe looking to make the pixel 5 a more competitively priced 5G handset. In order to achieve this it is rumoured they are going for the mid tier Snapdragon 765G chipset. This move will also allow google to fix the battery life issue by improving battery size and efficiency.

Going for the 765G is by no means going to make this a slow device, it just will not be using the very latest and quickest components, with the Huawei slowdown in the US and UK showing no sign of u-turn this could be a market share capitalisation move.


So we are hearing the main upgrades to the Pixel 5 series will be 

5G compatible

Ultra wide angle camera 'now the new standard'

Brighter display

A proper battery that lasts more than until lunch time

A centralised camera assembly more like a galaxy than iPhone

Pixel 5 render

Source: Front Page Tech