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If you’re reading this, you’re probably an Apple fan, or at least semi-interested in what iPhones Apple will be showcasing this September. Over the last few months, team TORRO have spent a lot of time wading through the flood of 2018 iPhone rumours floating around the web.

As you can imagine, we’ve encountered thousands of rumours along the way… Some believable, and others semi-outrageous to be quite frank. For your sake, we’ve done our best to condense these rumours below. But let’s not forget, a rumour’s a rumour. Until CEO Tim Cook takes to the stage, it’s probably best we don’t get ahead of ourselves just yet.


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The Launch

Let’s start broadly… We’ll be watching the official announcement of the new 2018 iPhones on September 12th. Following the official announcement, we would usually expect pre-orders to open almost immediately (approx Friday 14th September), with first delivery to follow roughly 2 weeks later.

This year we’ve seen a lot of talk around the potential delayed sale of the midsize, more affordable iPhone, which could be delayed into October. From a strategic point of view, this would make sense for Apple as it encourages the hardcore Apple fans itching to get their hands on a new model to spend that little bit extra on the more expensive handsets right away. Following this, those with a little more patience and possibly higher price sensitivity may wait out for the “budget” handset. On the other hand, the 2017 release saw the iPhone X arrive one month after the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Either way, we’re excited to get our hands on all 3 new iPhones and see how they compare!

3 New iPhone 2018 Models

This year, we’re expecting the release of three new iPhone models. The first is rumoured to be the successor of the iPhone X, which will maintain a 5.8inch OLED display. The second seems to have a larger 6.5inch OLED display, which could be seen as a “Plus” model. Lastly, we expect a more affordable, midsize 6.1inch iPhone which will house an LCD display.

  • 5.8inch OLED Display, 480-500 pixels per inch, Steel band, Glass body, Wireless charging, £800-£900*,
  • 6.5inch OLED Display, 458 pixels per inch, Steel band, Glass body, Wireless charging, £900-£1,100*,
  • 6.1inch LCD Display, 320-330 pixels per inch, Aluminium band, metal body, £600-£700*

What Will the 2018 New iPhones be Called?

There are plenty of names flying around for the new iPhones, some of which we feel more fitting than others… iPhone 9 and 9 Plus, iPhone X Plus, iPhone Xs and Xs Plus, iPhone 11/XI and 11/XI Plus.

Regardless of the various combinations and variations of names floating around, we’re not too precious with the naming of the new iPhones and we’re more than happy to sit tight until the big reveal. For the sake of this article, we’ll be referring to the 3 new iPhones as the premium models (2 expected), budget model (1 expected), and sometimes by their size (5.8inch, 6.5inch & 6.1inch).


Allegedly, all 3 of the new iPhone models will feature edge-to-edge display just like the current iPhone X. Similarly, we don’t envisage the new iPhone models to feature a physical home button as this would seem to be taking a step backwards and furthermore reducing screen size. Although we would like to see wireless charging carried forward to all 3 of the new devices, rumours suggest this may only be available on the two premium OLED devices. Either way, we’re hoping for improved charging speeds in the range of 10W - 15W due to both hardware and software changes. Since getting used to wireless charging and even releasing our TORRO premium wireless charging pads, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for wireless charging across all 3 new iPhones. Holding back wireless charging from any device is definitely a step backwards if you ask us.

Similar to Apple, here at TORRO we invest a lot of time and effort into the design and functionality of our leather lifestyle accessories, especially our leather iPhone cases. Every case is thoughtfully designed to enhance the ownership of your smartphone, and truly match Apple's impeccable level of design. As you can imagine, we really do appreciate the aesthetic looks and physical feel of our iPhones. It’s rumoured the new 5.8inch and 6.5inch OLED iPhones will come with polished stainless steel bands, whilst the more affordable 6.1inch device will feature an aluminium band. We’re expecting to see improved chemically strengthened glass-bodies for the premium handsets, which should continue to allow wireless charging and maintain water resistance. There are conflicting rumours with regards to the budget handset, with some sources claiming it will feature a metal back, hence the potential for no wireless charging with this handset. Others seem adamant the budget device will feature a glass body like the premium models… We’ll just have to wait and see!

As for colour options, we’ve again seen many conflicting opinions on this area. Colour is an amazing way to offer choice and customizability, which in turn allows us to express our own personalities. Seeing as we’ll be using the new TORRO 2018 iPhone cases, we’re less concerned with the colour choices of the new iPhones. Fortunately for you, we’ve got all of the new 2018 iPhone cases in Italian Black, USA Tan, Dark Brown, All Black Napa and Red (All 100% genuine leather). Watch this space.

Processors, RAM, and Storage

Apple’s Plus models often have superior displays, cameras, processors, RAM, storage and battery life. This year, we’re expecting similar features to vary across the premium and budget models, which will also directly determine price variations. We expect to see an upgraded A12 processor in at least the 2 premium models (hopefully all 3), which should keep our phones running at lightning speeds. According to MacRumors, Apple will continue to use Taiwanese TSMC as its exclusive supplier for the A12 processors which is said to have an improved 7nm process (faster than the previous).

As for RAM, it seems we could see 4GB RAM amongst the two premium models, whereas the 6.1inch LCD may only hold 3GB RAM similar to the 2017 iPhone X.

If Apple are really hoping to differentiate the new 2018 iPhones from the rest, 512GB storage could be the right way about it, not to mention an absolute game changer. This would be even more than most MacBooks! Impressive if you ask us. The most physical storage we’ve seen in previous iPhones is 256GB, which means 512GB storage seems a highly viable option for the new 2018 iPhones. That being said, do we really need to buy the most expensive iPhone with 512GB of storage when we’re able to freely buy Apple iCloud storage at less than £0.79p per month for a whole 50GB of storage… Not to mention having the peace of mind knowing all of our files are backed up to “the cloud”!


Battery Life

It’s fair to say that mobile phone battery life is probably one of the biggest banes of our lives in the 21st century… Okay, maybe a little extreme, but we’ve all had our phones die on us just when we need it most. Fortunately, with an increase in phone size, we should be seeing a small increase in physical battery size. This may just be for the 6.5inch premium phone, however, we’re expecting the 5.8inch premium and 6.1inch budget models to have the same (if not better) battery life to the 2017 iPhone X. 


Over the last decade, it’s evident that the average consumer has ditched the traditional camera, now relying heavily on smartphones to capture those magical moments life throws our way. And rightly so… We’re expecting to see further improved camera functionality with the new 2018 iPhones, with dual 12MP camera lenses in both premium models, and a single 12MP camera lens on the budget model. To the front of the new iPhones, we expect a slightly larger notch which will house the FaceTime camera (AKA “Selfie Cam”), with TrueDepth modules, and facial recognition sensors for face ID. Although we’ve read rumours of a 3 lens camera for premium models, we’re not convinced we’ll be seeing this tri-lense camera just yet. Nonetheless, the new iPhones will no doubt exceed all users’ expectations of a smartphone camera and help us all up our “selfie” game this year.


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iPhone 2018 Prices

With 3 new iPhones this year, we’re expecting at least 3 price brackets, not to mention further sub-price variations due to memory/storage options…. Most online rumours are fairly in line with our own guesstimates, but best to take these with a pinch of salt for now...

  • Premium 5.8inch OLED Display: £800-£900*
  • Premium 6.5inch OLED Display: £900-£1,100*
  • Budget 6.1inch LCD Display: £600-£700*

Hopefully, we’ll be pleasantly surprised and could see more competitive prices than the above, but we won’t get our hopes up just yet. After all, there’s nothing cheap about Apple.

Supporting a Stylus (Pencil)?

We’ve seen a lot of rumours and taunting of Apple for the possible introduction of a stylus (Apple pencil) for the new 2018 iPhones. For anyone who remembers, Steve Jobs famously mocked the use of styluses back in the day. That being said, we can all see how far iPhones have come in both technology advancements and size. Could it be that the new iPhones are a little bit on the large side, meaning a stylus may actually come in handy for some users?

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5G Technology

With the expected rollout of 5G technology sometime in 2020 (if not sooner), we would expect the most forward-thinking phone manufacturers to be applying 5G capabilities to new devices leading up to the launch of 5G. This is more of a hunch on our part, or maybe even wishful thinking... Fortunately, Apple love being two steps ahead, which could mean the new 2018 iPhones are already primed for 5G technology (fingers crossed!).

The New 2018 iPhones in Summary

In summary, we’re expecting 3 new iPhones to launch mid-September 2018. Of these 3 new iPhones, 2 are “premium” models, whilst 1 is marketed as a more affordable “budget” model.


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Overall, we’re not expecting the new iPhone designs to be too dissimilar to that of the 2017 iPhone X. What we do expect, is to see variances in spec between all 3 sizes, but predominantly the 6.1inch LCD Vs. the 5.8inch & 6.5inch OLED iPhones. This may include, but is not limited to: Size, Display (LCD vs. OLED), Processors (A11 vs. A12), RAM (3GB vs. 4GB), Storage (potential for 512GB), Cameras (Dual vs. Single), Battery Life, and further tech features such as Apple pencil functionality and more.

All rumours aside, there’s only one thing we can almost guarantee for the launch of the 2018 new iPhones… We expect to see the dreaded “out of stock” notice sometime during pre-orders.  For all of you Apple fanatics hoping to get in on pre-orders this year, we wish you the best of luck!


Apple 2018 iPhones are now available.

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