Although we are synonymous for premium and luxury leather cases for mobile devices, here at TORRO we released something a little unusual for the iPhone 12 in 2020.

We launched our totally plastic free, biodegradable, 100% compostable bumper case which is made from plant-based materials.

Our customer base is split between those who love TORRO lifestyle accessories with the attention to detail in design and quality craftsmanship and then there are some who really just love our mobile device cases and covers. For many years, some of the latter half have urged us to create general bumper cases. There are a plethora of general bumper cases on the market and we are humbled that due to the trust we have built with our loyal and valued fans this demand has grown.

We have been unusually resistant to this demand. When TORRO was created almost 8 years ago, we were determined to never be swayed by short-term fashion trends or pressure to release products that did not make a difference or at least that we couldn’t be best in class. We genuinely make products that we want to use, over the years this ‘we’ has been extended to include our core customer base and every TORRO must pass a stringent test.

A new TORRO must...

  • Be the best in class for its category
  • Solve real design problems for our users with a focus on every detail
  • Be made from premium materials
  • Be able to be priced accessibly

With this at the core of what we do, we could never justify a generic style bumper case. There are many brands who exclusively make basic bumper cases and a lot of R & D goes into this and we weren’t prepared to release anything less than perfection.

We are constantly researching textiles and manufacturing processes. When we stumbled across a super strong, shock absorbent technique to convert starch-based plant fibres such as corn and cassava which could fully biodegrade naturally in a composting setting we were extremely interested. We then spent over a year developing prototypes and samples culminating in our range of eco cases for iPhone 12, 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Mini in three colours.

In line with the properties of the case, we sourced fully recyclable, water-based ink packaging for minimal material associate with shipping making the entire product and packaging 100% eco-friendly, plastic free and recyclable.

Although this may stand out in the TORRO range of luxury lifestyle accessories, it actually encapsulates everything TORRO stand for:

  • Premium materials
  • Detail in design
  • Crafted for our like-minded fans

We hope you enjoy, available now for only £19.99 with free UK shipping.

TORRO eco-friendly bumper cases in Green, Blue and Red