The Consumer Electronics Association suggests that the average smartphone life expectancy in 2015 was 4.7 years, while data from Kantar WorldPanel has found that the average US smartphone user is only willing to keep their device for just shy of two years before looking to upgrade.

At TORRO Cases, our business is to help you get the best out of your smartphone. So, hoping to keep a hold of your trusty gadget for much longer than the figures above? Here's some tips that could see your smartphone going strong and looking like new for many years to come...

Protection from common causes of damage

Smashed and cracked smartphone screens appear to be a common sight if research into this issue is anything to go by.

Engadget, for example, has reported that between 50 and 55 per cent of all smartphone repairs will be a result of the screen being damaged. Furthermore, Motorola has found that 50 per cent of people globally have experienced a cracked smartphone screen at least once in their lives.

TORRO Cases offers trusty tempered glass screen protectors and premium, genuine leather cases that not only save your gadget's screen from damage when dropped or mishandled, but also reduce the risk of chips appearing around your device or damage to the camera lens.

You shouldn't worry that a case will reduce how eye-catching your phone is either, as there are designs available now that will help make your smartphone something you're even prouder to carry. A stylish TORRO case, for instance, is designed with the aesthetics of your device in mind.

Extending battery life

Sometimes it isn't physical damage that will cause you woes when it comes to your smartphone, as Battery University, a leading resource for information on batteries, has discovered.

According to the institute, manufacturers have stated that a smartphone's lithium-ion battery is designed to have a lifespan of between 300 and 500 charging cycles. To put this into context, a charging cycle occurs each time you plug in your phone once the battery has dropped below 70 per cent.

There are techniques which heighten the possibility of your smartphone's battery life being expanded though.

One tip is to try and keep Li-ion batteries at 50 per cent or more for as much time as possible. Refrain from charging them all the way to 100 per cent though, as fully recharging a battery regularly can shorten its lifespan. Instead, aim for a full zero to 100 per cent recharge of the battery around once a month — this will recalibrate the battery in a similar sense as restarting a computer.

It makes sense to get the most of your smartphone's battery when it's charged too, to increase the amount of time it takes to reach empty. Dimming the brightness of a smartphone's screen, reducing how long the screen stays lit after receiving an input, switching off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, not using the vibrate function and refraining from running apps in the background are all easy ways to boost a device's battery life.

A study from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine revealed that 92 per cent of smartphones that the institute tested were found to be covered in bacteria — 16% also had E.coli present!

Even though the screen protectors and cases mentioned earlier will help to prevent tiny particles of dust and crumbs from getting into the grooves and joints of your device, sometimes the cases themselves can show signs of daily usage after a while.

While plenty of device care kits are available, TORRO Cases offers a leather care kit that will effectively shield your genuine leather case from all grease, oils, dust and dirt that your phone will be exposed to during its lifetime. Not only will your phone stay as good as new, your TORRO case will also stay at its best for much longer while it protects its precious device.