Pixel 5, the latest device from Google isn't the most advanced phone on the market but they have still managed to include some features/tricks which are missing from other flagship devices. Here is our quick round-up of 3 key features to help you make the most of your Pixel 5.

Reverse Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has now established itself as a popular way to charge your mobile devices but it still requires a power source - whether that be a laptop computer or mains power.

In recent years, and through advancements in mobile technology, the concept of "reverse wireless charging" was introduced - allowing you to use your phone to charge other accessories - wirelessly!

Whilst this technology is offered by only a few manufacturers (many of the top brands, including Apple, are still yet to introduce it) - Google has you covered with a feature they call "Battery Share". Once enabled, you can charge other Qi-enabled devices.

Turn on Battery Share

  • Open your phone's settings app.
  • Tap Battery > Battery Share.


Extreme Battery Saver

As our mobile phones become more and more powerful, capable of performing tasks once only possible on desktop computers, battery life is more important than ever!

With the Pixel 5, Google introduced "Extreme Battery Saver" - a feature they claim can provide a user with up to 48 hours worth of power on a full charge. A bold claim!

As the name suggests, this is an "extreme" option and accomplishes this by preventing applications from running and only allowing chosen apps to use battery life. Thankfully, you are in control and can choose which apps get juice!

Turn on Extreme Battery Saver

  • Open your phone's settings app.
  • Tap Battery > Battery Saver > Extreme Battery Saver > When to use.
  • Pick when Extreme Battery Saver will turn on.
    • Ask every time: When Battery Saver turns on, it asks whether to turn on Extreme Battery Saver.
    • Always use: When Battery Saver turns on, Extreme Battery Saver turns on.
    • Never use: Extreme Battery Saver never turns on.


On-screen Google Assistant

With the release of the Pixel 2, Google introduced a feature known as Active Edge. This allowed you to squeeze your phone in order to activate the Google Assistant. No longer! With the Pixel 5, you now simply need to use a swipe up gesture in either the left of right corner of the screen to activate.

When you swipe up to activate the Google Assistant, you should feel a small vibration, and see a popup-window. You're ready to start talking!

Make yourself familiar with this simple gesture shortcut and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!