A host of leaks and rumours circulating for the last few weeks did not stop Samsung from hosting one of its biggest events of the year – Galaxy Unpacked. A new range of flagship handsets with the S22 series was all but guaranteed to be the focus, but Samsung also launched their new Galaxy Tab S8 line, along with updates for the Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The new Galaxy S22 Ultra is already being dubbed online a new Galaxy Note in all but the name. The S22 Ultra comes with an integrated S Pen – the first time this has ever been implemented within a Galaxy S device. Galaxy Note fans will also rejoice in the fact this choice will place the S22 Ultra as somewhat of a spiritual  successor to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

As one would expect, the Ultra is, of course, the largest of the S22 series with its 6.8-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X adaptive 120Hz display. This remains similar to last year’s S21 Ultra but does now feature enhanced Vision Booster Technology to help manage brightness. The Ultra also houses Samsung’s fastest and most powerful chip, a 4nm processor, meaning it has a CPU and GPU compared to the already impressive S21 Ultra.

The S22 Ultra is immediately available for pre-order for release on the 25th of February. You can even plan further ahead and pick up one of our Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra so that you can protect your new handset from the second it arrives.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

The Galaxy S22 and S22+ join the Ultra in Samsung’s new range of flagship handsets. Interestingly, for the S22, Samsung have opted to slightly reduce the screen size to 6.1-inch compared to the 6.2-inch of the S21 - this brings it in line with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. By comparison the S22+ comes with a 6.6-inch screen as well as a larger battery (4,500 mAh compared to 3,700 mAh on the S22).

The S22 and S22 Plus do however share some similarities in the sense that both come equipped a 50mp main camera and a 10mp front camera, 8GB of RAM and 256gb of storage.

Both the S22 and S22+ are also available for pre-order - due to be released on the 11th of March in the UK and the 25th of February in the US. TORRO leather cases for the S22 and S22+ are also immediately available for purchase. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The event also saw the unveiling of the Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+ & Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. With past releases Samsung have typically released two models of their tablet -  the entry-level model and a plus version. With this release, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a direct competitor to the iPad Pro.

The Tab S8 Ultra comes with a massive 14.6-inch screen as well as with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The S8 and S8+ will have 11-inch and 12.4-inch screens respectively and both feature up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The build of each version is, according to Samsung, 30% more scratch resistant and 40% less prone to bending compared to its Galaxy Tab S7 predecessors.

Much like the S22 line-up – the full range of Galaxy Tab S8 are available now for pre-order with shipping beginning February 25th

Galaxy Watch 4

The major update set to be released for the Galaxy Watch 4 Series further improves health and fitness tracking features, providing users with additional information and capabilities to help hit their fitness goals. For example, users will now be able to set intervals for their training sessions – something which previously would have required an additional app.

There is also now a tie in with fitness app Centr, giving users a 30-day trial as well as improved sleep insights. After wearing the Watch 4 for 5 weekday nights and 2 weekend nights, users will be provided with coaching and article recommendations which aim at providing more restful sleep.