Here at TORRO we value our customer feedback and are exceptionally proud and humbled by the 12,000+ 5-star Trustpilot reviews we have received and the Excellent rating we have. A true testament to the values and beliefs everyone at TORRO share. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and design. The difference truly is in the detail.

We recently conducted a Customer Survey exercise with recent customers and were overwhelmed by the volume of responses received and the amazing positive feedback they provided. So much so, that we wanted to share these with you.

Our survey consisted of 11 questions based on the overall experience our customers had ordering from our website, the ease of use, improvements, and reasons why they purchased from us.

The Results

Please rate your website experience of

Website Experience Results

Answer Percentage %
1 - Very Poor 0%
2 0%
3 1.2%
4 14.3%
5 - Very Good 84.5%

Based on 251 responses

What did you think of our website? What could have been improved?

This was an open-ended question and allowed the user to freely enter their response. We have visualised the responses in a wordcloud, showing you the most frequently used words in the replies.

Wordcloud based on what customers thought of the TORRO website

The key takeaways from the responses was that the vast majority of people found the website easy to navigate and they found the products they were looking for quickly. Pages were informative and user friendly. With one customer describing the site as "oozing quality!".

Some improvements mentioned were increasing the range of phone cases to include other brands such as Xaomi, Oppo and OnePlus, 3D images of the products and a Wishlist function. All things we are looking into.

Was there anything missing on our product page that would have helped you decide to purchase?

Wordcloud based on what customers thought of our product page

Overall, everyone was very happy with our product pages and all of the information they looked for in order to make a buying decision was there. Nothing and no one is perfect so a few improvements which were mentioned included more colour options, more monogramming options and missing weights/dimensions.

We’re always looking to extend the range of the leather colours we offer but it’s not always possible to make these available for all handsets. We’ve made an extra effort to ensure all products feature accurate weights and dimensions and are looking at how we can expand our monogramming service to make it even better.

How easy was it to find the product you wanted?

Bar chart showing how easy it was for customers to find the products they were looking for

Answer Percentage %
1 - Very Hard 0%
2 0.5%
3 4%
4 11.9%
5 - Very Easy 83.6%


What did you think of product imagery and videos?

Wordcloud based on what customers thought of our product photos and videos

Our customers were very happy with the quality and quantity of product images/video and complimented us on these. However, some customers have asked for more “real life” photography showing people using the products – especially for getting a sense of scale.

We have taken this on-board and will be ensuring that we feature more images of this nature in future.

How easy was the checkout process? Could anything have been improved?

Wordcloud based on what our customers thought of the checkout process

We use the Shopify platform and checkout which is constantly being updated and tested to provide the quickest and most user-friendly experience (out of our control). The vast majority of people found the checkout process to be quick and easy and were happy with the payment methods on offer.

Was there anything that nearly stopped you purchasing from us?

Wordcloud based on what might have stopped our customers from completing their purchase

What was great to hear was that so many of the customers were repeat buyers, who were already happy with the service, outstanding product quality and fast delivery we offer. More colour options and international shipping costs were mentioned with one customer even saying we offered “too much choice”.

Did you consider using any other websites before purchasing from us? Did you prefer anything about them?

Wordcloud based on other websites our customer considered before buying from us

As with most online shoppers, our customers shopped around looking for a good deal. Most people surveyed were either repeat, loyal customers or felt that the TORRO products offered “superior quality”, and many other (cheaper) products on the market used poor quality materials and PU leather.

Many people choose to buy from us to make use of the expert monogramming service – which is exclusively available from and not other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. In fact, one in every four items purchased are now monogrammed.

Did you notice that we sold accessories like wallets, bags, watch straps?

Answer Percentage %
Yes 91.8%
No 8.2%

We strive to make sure our customers are aware of our growing range of lifestyle and tech accessories so it’s great to see that the majority of customers are aware of them.

What were the top reasons that made you choose to purchase a product from us?

Reason Percentage %
Higher Quality Leather
High Quality Products 20.3%
Stylish Products 15.5%
Designed in Britain 10.3%
Really like the brand 10%
Reasonable Price 10%
Custom Monogramming Option 4.7%
Customer Reviews 4%
Other 2.1%
6 Month Warranty 1%

As a brand that prides itself on offering only the highest quality materials, combined with meticulous attention to detail it is fantastic to see that customers share the same core values of quality, craftsmanship and design.

Other than lower prices or discounts, what would increase the chances of your purchasing again at

Wordcloud based on what would increase the chances of the customers completing a repeat purchase

We all love a great discount, don’t we? But price isn’t always the only factor and our customers agree, with many of them choosing TORRO due to the quality and range of products we offer. However, some customers have asked for more loyalty options, phones cases for other phone brands such as Xaomi, Oppo and OnePlus as well as a larger choice of bags and luggage.

We can assure you we have listened and have a selection of new bags coming in the very near future, so watch this space (sign up to our newsletter to be notified when they arrive).