A slightly belated iPhone 12 launch in 2020 brought us the latest iteration of iPhone including the 12 Pro and Pro Max. Apple also introduced, for the very first time, the iPhone Mini. With a 5.4 diagonal screen, we predict this will be a smash hit with those not especially looking for Pro features. A compact device, bursting with power yet slim and sleek in contrast to the phablets which shaped the last 5 years.

As always, TORRO have been working all year round in order to be ready in order to create the perfect stylish accompanying cases which complement the Apple aesthetic whilst adding considered and thoughtful additional functionality. Here is our round up of the best cases for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Series.


The TORRO Stand case for iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Leather Stand Case

Perfect for:

  • Video viewing
  • Casual storage of cash and cards
  • Having a slimline genuine leather case

The TORRO stand case has been the best-selling TORRO for almost a decade. The iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max and 12 is the most functional TORRO stand cover to date. TORRO have produced a bespoke, engineered inner frame to cradle the device. Lined with microfibre, the soft lined bumper provides ultimate protection. The sides of the frame are made with silicone-based shock absorbent flexible material to make inserting and removing the device easy whilst providing impact protection. The frame has been engineered to exaggerate the raised area around the camera to ensure the ultimate protection to one of the iPhone 12 key features. The raised protective perimeter ensures the camera is not in direct contact with a surface when placed down. This feature significantly minimises the chances of damage if dropped in comparison to alternative cases.

The fundamental value add of the TORRO stand case is the stand function. A subtle, vertical crease in the rear panel of the leather allows the user to intuitively fold the case back for video viewing and typing. Using a TORRO stand case makes watching video content on the go, whilst cooking in the kitchen or using a fitness app a friction free experience.  Further features include the 3 card slots and hidden bank note compartment, all securely fastened by the minimalist TORRO side clasp. The TORRO stand case is one of the slimmest genuine leather cases available.

All TORRO iPhone 12 cases are wireless charging compatible.

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The TORRO Wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro and 12

iPhone 12 Leather Wallet Case

Perfect for:

  • Replacing a regular wallet for cash and credit cards
  • Surprise additional feature of a stand function
  • Traditional design, comprehensive protection

The TORRO Wallet has been a mainstay of the TORRO catalogue from inception. A classic, timeless design which boasts the ultimate in versatility. The iPhone 12 wallet range by TORRO is the most considered wallet TORRO have ever made. The all new vertical card and cash slots enable a more familiar wallet experience. Extracting your credit cards and placing unfolded bank notes in and out of your cover almost make the case feel like a premium leather wallet first and a fully protective solution for your iPhone second.

The TORRO wallet has been constructed with the same, all new, ultra-protective internal shell, designed for ultimate camera protection. The wallet closure is facilitated by a traditional latch including a slim, sleek metallic stud which is further strengthened by a magnetic connection. This minimal magnet does not impact on the device in any way.

All TORRO iPhone 12 cases are wireless charging compatible.

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The TORRO bumper case for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Leather Bumper Case

Perfect for:

  • Camera and screen protection
  • Ultra-sleek, light and minimalist
  • Simple case with the elegance of a genuine leather finish

The all new TORRO leather bumper case, new for the iPhone 12 range is manufactured using the new TORRO protective cradle frame. The device is inserted into the soft, microfibre lined frame with ease due to the flexible silicone sides. The shock absorbent silicone has indentations for all iPhone buttons and access to the mute trigger. The speakers and charging port is also unobscured. The microfibre lining gives the peace of mind that the device is in contact with a soft non-abrasive material.

The TORRO bumper stands out from the standard bumper case with the recognisable, luxury quality TORRO leathers. With 6 colour options to choose from all in luxury leather, this new release from TORRO elevates the simple back bumper case into the elegant, premium club without compromising on protection.

When it comes to additional thoughtful protection, TORRO have engineered a subtle lip to the front of the bumper to ensure the screen would not come into contact with a surface if placed face down. This feature has been continued to the rear of the case. The perimeter of the camera aperture has been raised higher to provide additional protection for the camera from scratches and minimise the chance of the any of the camera lenses impacting the ground during a drop.

All TORRO iPhone 12 cases are wireless charging compatible.

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The TORRO Pouch case for iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Leather Pouch Case

Perfect for:

  • Enjoying a ‘naked’ iPhone
  • Simple protection whilst on the go
  • Easy to access

The TORRO leather pouch sleeve for iPhone 12 is a simple, light and minimalist sleeve to protect your iPhone whilst not is use. Made from luxury quality leather, this simple yet effectively protective sleeve gives you the piece of mind of protection when the device is in a bag or a pocket with coins or keys.

To ensure the device is accessible as possible, the TORRO team have designed a half moon at the bottom of the case which is dual purpose. The area exposes the charging port and is an intuitive push point to release the device safely from the sleeve.

As a maker of luxury cases and covers for mobile devices, we are fans of the intended aesthetics of the devices themselves. This is truly a TORRO case made for fans of those who love the natural device aesthetic by a team who love the natural device aesthetic. Enjoy your iPhone 12 as Apple intended whilst having a protective, stylish, leather solution whilst on the go.

All TORRO iPhone 12 cases are wireless charging compatible.

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