A phone case isn’t just intended to look good; they’re designed for a myriad of factors which add functional improvements to the handset for which they are intended. Understanding these functions and how they can be achieved within a phone case is vital to all at TORRO. Understanding the needs, wants and desires of our customer base culminates in production of luxurious leather phone cases that don’t only look great, but achieve that functional purpose which our customers desire. 

The TORRO Range

Our existing range of cases offered a perfect solution for those who just wanted what the case was designed to do. Whether that be to store cards in a wallet case, use the viewing stand of a folio case or enjoy the superior handling of a slimmer bumper case. Despite this, loyal TORRO customers began to enquire whether it would be possible to have a bumper case with more protection; a folio case where the front cover could be removed; or a slimmer version of the folio case without compromising on style or function.

These requests from TORRO customers are precisely what triggered an internal discussion with our team and planted the seed for us to start creating a case which satisfies ALL these requests.

Design Iterations

Prior to finalising our design, we designed and produced prototypes in a few different styles in order to test out the best possible solution for our customers, including:

Plastic Locking Teeth

One of the initial ideas was to use plastic locking teeth to allow a bumper case to have a compatible folio cover attached. We ultimately decided against this given that, if we’re completely honest, the visual appeal was simply not up to TORRO standards! A design was created, but we opted not to even move this to the prototype stage.

Slide on/off

A second variation that was trialled featured a bumper-like case with a side groove, allowing for a front cover with connector to be easily slid on and off the case at will. Ultimately with this style we discovered that the structural integrity of the case was not quite as strong as we would have liked. While it did result in a slim line case, we were not confident in the longevity it would provide and therefore this did not make it past the prototype stage.

Suction Tech

Before settling on the final design, the last prototype we tested was somewhat similar to the final design. We trialled using suction technology to securely hold the iPhone 13 in its frame to a folio cover, which could then be removed. A few of our team personally tested this design with their own handsets. However, we found that dust picked up by the cover could weaken the strength of the hold. As this flaw is essentially unavoidable, this version was dropped.

The Final Design

Our final design was created around the idea of using a folio cover which would magnetically attach to the bumper case. Version T13v6 (as it was then known internally) became the final, approved design. Ultimately becoming known as "2-in-1 iPhone 13 Leather Bumper Case with Detachable Folio Cover".  The culmination of a case designed exclusively by TORRO to satisfy customer desires and requests without compromising on our signature style. 

Raised Camera Lip for Added Protection

Added Protection

One of the most fundamental questions asked when looking for a phone case is simply ‘does it help protect my phone?’. With our 2-in-1 case, the answer is a resounding Yes! The leather backed bumper case has been designed to aid with shock absorption while also featuring a slight raised edge to further protect the screen - while the folio cover is not in use.

When attached, the folio cover adds an additional layer of protection to the front screen. This is ideal to prevent your handset’s screen from picking up scratches or marks when it’s in your bag or your pocket - without the need for a screen protector.

Slimline designed leather bumper case

Slimline Design

One of the initial principles when designing our 2-in-1 case was to keep the case as slimline as possible – both with and without the folio cover. This allows for a level of superior handling when compared to alternative, bulkier cases. Even with the folio cover attached, the case measures just 20mm thin, meaning it is lightweight, easy to handle, and slim enough to easily slide into any pocket or bag.

Integrated viewing stand - perfect for watching videos

Detachable Viewing Stand

One of the features our bumper case users frequently miss out on is the stand functionality present within our folio cases. TORRO customers have requested this in the past, however we believed that the alternative kickstand solutions on the market to be somewhat lacking and would not provide the longevity you would expect from a TORRO case. 

When discussing this internally, we concluded that this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate this request for our customers. As such, the detachable folio cover design was adapted so that when attached to the case it will allow for the case to be operated in a stand function for a better viewing experience when required.

MagSafe Charging Compatible

MagSafe Compatible

With Apple’s continued shift towards MagSafe charging, it was important for both ourselves and TORRO customers that this case incorporated MagSafe charging functionality. Given that we opted to use the magnetic style design, adding MagSafe capabilities is a great feat of design and engineering. 

Our team designed and created the case and folio cover which ticks all those boxes. Following the Apple recommendation of using a 20W power supply with a MagSafe charger, you can seamlessly connect and charge through the bumper case.


Using magnets in the case design opens up a world of opportunity for add-on accessories. As such, the TORRO team considered ways in which additional accessories could add further functionality and versatility to our 2-in-1 style case - the possibilities are truly endless. 

MagSafe Card Holder

As an additional project following the launch and popularity of our 2-in-1 case, our team then got to work on designing an attachment which adds even more function to the case. The TORRO MagSafe Card Holder will reliably connect to the back of the case, allowing you to carry your credit card and/or ID along with your handset. Equipped with RFID protection and anti-magnetic lining to protect your cards, the adaptability of a detachable folio cover and card holder mean that you can customise your phone to suit your requirements, whatever the situation.

And who knows, maybe even more TORRO MagSafe accessories will come in the future. If you have any ideas, then let us know - we're always listening to our customers. 

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