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The highly anticipated Apple event reached us last night and as expected the launch of the new iPhone 12 series was front & centre. Here we bring you a jargon free round-up of the key points from the Apple event 2020.

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Apple Event Key Points:

iPhone 12 - "5G just got real!"

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

Source: apple.com

Introducing the first 5G iPhone offering higher quality video streaming, gaming and of course higher network speeds.

Pre-orders Friday 16th October & release date of Friday 23rd October.

  • Introducing the all-new iPhone 12, thinner, smaller & lighter than the iPhone 11 with 2X more pixels meaning sharper text for easier reading and more detailed photos. A key feature announced was the introduction of "Ceramic Shield" for the iPhone 12 screen, this is said to dramatically improve screen toughness. In the words of Apple "Tougher than any iPhone glass".
  • Another talking point was gameplay on the new iPhone 12, a significant increase in gameplay speed and downloads mean you can game like a pro anywhere.
  • The iPhone 12 features a dual camera system with ultra wide feature, bringing you brighter results with fantastic detailing. Night mode on iPhone 12 gets even better and will be extended to all cameras in the iPhone 12 series. Video offering was also improved with the addition of night mode time-lapse.
  • MagSafe - A high point of the event was the announcement of MagSafe. High powered magnets added to the back of the new iPhone 12 aid speedier wireless charging at twice the speed but only with a MagSafe charger.
  • Reducing emissions was noted by Apple as a major initiative and as part of their mission to create a more environmentally sustainable product offering they will now remove earphones and charge cables from the iPhone 12 box making it smaller and more streamlined.

iPhone 12 Mini

Apple iPhone Mini

Source: apple.com

The iPhone 12 Mini is smaller and lighter than the iPhone 8 with a 5.4 inch display. iPhone Mini has the exact same features of iPhone 12 but has been dubbed by Apple the smallest, thinnest 5G phone in the world.

Pre-order Friday 6th November & released on Friday 13th November.

iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Series

Source: apple.com

The new iPhone 12 Pro is available in 4 finishes including an all-new pacific blue with best in class water and dust resistance.

  • The Pro & Pro Max boasts Apple's best camera ever with longer framing in a classic portrait style and 5X optical zoom range. New video features were summarised as steady video with a cinematic feel with HDR video recording, capturing 60X more colours than before. These increased capabilities also allow you to capture, playback & edit your video footage.
  • The introduction of room scanning & instant AR mean unlocking endless opportunities in apps.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Pro begin Friday 16th October, available Friday 23rd October.
Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 Pro Max begin Friday 6th November, available from Friday 13th November.

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