So, Apple Watch is here, surprises... well... no, not really. Don’t get me wrong I’m delighted to see it and I am excited to get my hands on one but there is a definite sense of “it’s not exactly the iPod”. When Steve Jobs dipped into his jean pocket on 23rd October 2001; he pulled out an MP3 player, MP3 players weren’t a new technology, this wasn’t a new concept or idea but it was a game changer. 

The iPod simply showed the world how the MP3 player should be and the rest, as the cliche goes ‘is history’. The iPod had the control click wheel. The control wheel allowed users to access any song within 3 clicks and had an amazingly simple intuitive feel, in short however, the best thing about the iPod vs it’s competitors was that it simply ‘worked’. No clunky file transferring  or half baked OS, it worked and everyone loved it. Now, roll on 2014 and we have Tim Cook at the helm proudly sporting his iWatch… sorry Apple Watch. Again unlike the clunky competitor’s simple touch screen approach, Apple’s innovation was ‘the crown’. Game changer? I’m not convinced; it is innovating beyond just a touch screen and credit to Ive and the team for making it different but is this the earth shattering innovation to make the Apple Watch the next must have item. Will we see chunky blocks of tech on wrists everywhere we go like the iconic white headphones? Well this time next year we will have a better idea.

Like the iPod, i’m sure it will be the best in it’s class, like the iPod it will work, it will do what it’s promises, it wont crash, it will find your iPhone and communicate with it seamlessly, it will not annoy you like the android competition who have pushed products out simply to beat Apple to launch. It will also tell you more than the time; there will be hundreds and hundreds of forums with the staunch anti Apple ‘we’re not sheep brigade’ saying that they will buy a watch that tells them the time the way mankind has for generations and of course if you simply want the 129 grams of metal on your wrist to tell you the time, then great, but… it’s a big but... we cannot simply ‘not’ innovate because, well, its only an incremental baby step, these baby steps were the provenance of the likes of the iPhone, we had the car radio phone which became the huge cell phone with an antenna bigger than a Galaxy S5, then came the Nokia revolution, smaller was better, we got games ‘who lost sleep playing snake in 90s?, they then flipped shut or slid shut. We then had the ability to take pictures and video right on our phones. We then had internet connectivity with primitive app ideas and then boom the iPhone. 

This first step into wearables for Apple in my opinion isn’t the iPod, the iPhone or even the iPad, should it be? Well they’ve raised the bar so high it’s hard not to feel a little disappointed. It’s almost like they would need to have included a teleportation function to convert the nay sayers and even then plenty of folk would argue that there’s nothing wrong with jumping in the car and it’s “tech making us lazy!”. Will I buy one?, yes, will it change my life?, not really but I will sharp become lost without it when I have to go to the effort of pulling my phone out of my pocket just to check a text, gosh will that become effort. In short it isn’t the iPod but I am looking forward to taking the next step in modern technology.