So the rumour mill is once again in full flow with the much awaited iPhone 6. The 5S is yet to lose it's oleo-phobic coating and yet we are already eagerly anticipating the next incarnation in the worlds finest smartphone series.

The 'big' question doing the round seems to be; how big is it going to be? 4.5 inch screen, 5 inches... bigger! One thing is for sure, it is likely to be lighter and thinner, perhaps taking on the nomenclature of the latest iPad and become the iPhone air; this would be a good get out for apple if they retained the current 'very useable' 4 inch screen.

As a user, would I want a bigger screen? well i'm not crying out for one, i'm not sure I want the extra bulk in my pocket. Fortunately I use Torro cases therefore mix and match from a wallet if i'm going out, the slim flip if I'm feeling cool enough to wear my skinny jeans!! and the pouch at work / home so I can still feel the iPhone in all it's aesthetic glory

A potential workaround could be a home button integrated right into the screen. The 5S sports a glass plate in any event therefore imagine the phone's glass frontage being 100% screen. With a tap of the screen a home button could light right up indicating where to press thus negating the need to increase the size of the handset and allowing apple engineers to stick to their oh so precise circuit boards.

The final rumour we are hearing is a June launch, personally we can't see it but it would be a little exciting!! We are always keen to know what you believe will be incorporated into the next handset so please get in touch with your thoughts. Thanks again from the Torro cases team.