For the photographers out there, the guys with an eye for style and detail 'hence why your iPhone sits snugly in a Torro case' the debate regarding Lightroom or Apple's Aperture programme has gone on now for some years. Are we about to see some light at the end of the tunnel for Aperture fans. The release of Aperture 4 or Aperture (X)?! maybe.... or well.... maybe not. So the rumours for a new Aperture appeared once again following the Key Note speech in autumn when Phil Schiller was seen showing off Mavericks and a NEW version of Aperture (or at least a version slightly different to the one we perhaps know and love) set the macforums raging with talk of an imminent release...which didn't happen. So the argument against; well this bit is easy, people have suggested a new version for some time now that hasn't materialised.

I think a new version might not be a million miles away. Adobe's Lightroom has moved streets ahead in terms of editing capabilities, it is however, no match for the sheer ease of use of Aperture and just how amazingly well it organises your photos on the mac and connects seamlessly with other apps like iMovie, Facebook and twitter etc. The thing Aperture users have longed for and Lightroom users have been treated to is more functionality. This may be a total coincidence, but! Nik plug ins by Google; albeit they can be used within both Lightroom and Aperture have had their prices slashed. In the UK you can now pick up the whole collection for £79. A discount code is required which I will be happy to share if you contact us. This collection used to cost a few hundred and has all the additional functionality most Aperture users would want. Is this discount due to knowledge the NEW Aperture will integrate these functions anyway? While we are talking price it is also worth the question; will existing users get a free upgrade, as seen with Mavericks? As an Aperture user I hope so. I would suggest a new version is around the corner purely based on the Key Note presentation, it may take a little while to launch to ensure all the bugs are corrected (Apple can't really afford another software release backlash following mapsgate and the criticism that surrounded Final Cut X) but I have a pretty good feeling that when it appears we are going to like what we see and those who jumped overboard to Lightroom may fancy coming back aboard. I just hope that wasn't a teaser and Aperture actually ends up in the Apple graveyard along side iWeb and co which could have been very good.