So the new iPhones have been with us for nearly a fortnight. Have you got one? Have you got it snugly in a Torro Wallet? If so we hope you’re loving it. What do we think?


Well, we absolutely love the 6 range. Yes, we have had the so called ‘bendgate’ scandal. I wouldn’t recommend you worry too much about this, only 9 were officially reported and if you’re are reading this you will have your phone secure in a Torro case therefore you have nothing to worry about.


This is a cliché but... this is the best iPhone yet! Well, of course it is, what I mean by this is that this is the most impressed I have been by an iPhone since the 3GS. The 4 was good, turned the iPhone into a solid ‘proper’ piece of kit and the 5 was a faster improved version but now the 6… no longer do I feel frustrated that the screen is that little too small and I put off processing tasks until I get to a laptop, iPad or the like.  The 4.7 and 5.5 displays give me that little extra usability to get on with work on the move. iBooks is now an app worth having ‘particularly on the 6 plus’ and the new camera ‘as long as you are in decent light’ gives an entry level DSLR a run for it’s money.


The unibody is also a beautiful design, wafer thin and I love the way your thumb seamlessly sweeps from the screen and onto the aluminium without the chunky ‘and easily chipped’ chamfered edge on the 5.


The 6 Plus is a fantastic piece of kit, particularly if you don’t have room in your life for an iPad and switch between a phone and mac, video is stunning and the double home tap function to drop the top half of the screen down makes it very useable. My only fault with the 6 and 6 plus is the fact that it is very droppable! Try using it with one hand and stretching your thumb to a top corner, this action coupled with a sleek, thin and super smooth aluminium uni body = drop, smash and tears.. fortunately that’s where we come in. The Wallet is now available with a stand case, flip down case and a pouch all on the way in Premium Italian black and USA tan leather.


We’d love to know what you like / dislike about your iPhone 6




The TORRO team